Our Open API connects your Regpack data with all the tools you're currently using.

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Take advantage of Regpack’s Open API and webhook functionality to build automated and custom workflows to manage your business across all of your business software tools.

Regpack’s API allows your apps to utilize key data from your Regpack system and data points in your projects and connect them with other applications you are using.

Regpack pushes all user and payment data from your projects.

Getting your business up and running is even easier with our API. Push and pull Regpack data into any system you need to put power into the hands of your team, wherever they are.

The Regpack Open API has three primary capabilities:


These calls form the bulk of the API and generally focus on the users. There are two endpoints: the users’ endpoint and the status endpoint. The users’ endpoint is used to create, update, and get information about your users while the status endpoint is used to create and edit statuses. See the navigation bar to the left for the list of calls which are available as well as examples of each call being used.


Webhooks allow for you to get push notifications from the system based on specific events when they happen. That information is sent to a URL which you specify. This is an alternative approach to standard the polling method where you periodically submit requests for updates. The webhooks can be configured in the webhooks tab of your project settings.

JavaScript Customization

Regpack loads on your website when you embed the iframe code and populates with the default properties. Although this will serve most needs, you are able to fine-tune this behavior further using JavaScript to control when the system populates and what project settings are active on this load instance. See the section on JavaScript customization for more on how to deploy this functionality as well as an illustrative example of its use.

Our API Docs can be found here.

Easy Integration for User Registration, Payments, Donations, and Events

Parker S, a Software Developer and Regpack users, writes that:

“From a developer perspective, Regpack integrates very easily with existing platforms and is a fast way to bootstrap a registration and payments solution.

A dashboard is a handy tool for keeping up with your real-time data.”


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