Safe and secure processing,

with built in fraud detection.

regpack payment security

You see the term “SSL” everywhere but do you actually know what it is? Sounds secure and safe, enough right?

When you see that little SSL lock in your browser it means that the information passed between your computer and the server is encrypted. SSL encrypts the data the user sends to the receiver (you and me) and decrypts it so we can read it!

So even if someone can tap into part of the process, they can’t intercept anything worthwhile.

Regpack implements SSL throughout the entire registration process! At Regpack, we treat all information as sensitive information. Regpack also implements a distributed database system, which saves different information in different databases.

This goes beyond the protection that SSL provides. Implementing both SSL and our distributed databases means we protect not only every interaction but also every bit of information that is transmitted between the applicant and the browser.

These methods prevent snarky characters from being able to access sensitive data that your applicants give to you, like phone numbers, addresses and credit card numbers.

From disorganized to organized in a few easy steps!
I am able to keep track of payments and client issues using this system. I recommend Regpack for any business to help streamline processes for registrations and accepting payments.
Nina Reed
Global Administration Manager and Registrar, Bali Institute for Global Renewal