Easily create and send out surveys once camp is over

and gain valuable insights!

post camp survey

It’s tempting and seems easy to type up your questions, throw it on some camp letterhead and pass it out on the last day of camp. It also seems to make sense to put a form for parents to evaluate camp from their perspective with their final paperwork and have them fill it out on the last day as well or mail it back to you when it’s done.

This process is slow and pretty old school. It can also mean not getting feedback from everyone because the process to collect it all can be long. It relies on the parent’s to be proactive to send it back to you. This also takes work: email reminders, sending an expensive pre-stamped envelope hoping it is used, etc.

Once you’ve sent out the survey and gathered all the data, it’s time to process it. Use the awesome reporting and data filter features your registration software SHOULD come with to look at these results.

Your data isn’t just for reporting on payments and a camper list broken down by counselor, bunk, etc. It’s also for evaluating your staff and what you’re offering your campers and their families (i.e. your paying customers!).

The data you get from your evaluations can give you almost any kind of statistic imaginable.

An effective registration system that fits our personal needs.
Regpack has helped increase the quality and consistency of our communication with families and the doctors with whom we work closely.
Samantha Lappin
Assistant Programs Director, Camp Del Corazon