Get the information you need quickly with custom and saved reporting tools, including statistics and report exports.

Registration Data and Analytics

Customized registration and event reporting so you can visualize your data.

With all of your information on secure cloud servers, your data is available anywhere and anytime you need it. In the field or at the office all team members will have access to what they need and have the most up-to-date information.

Everything you need to know about any aspect of your project is only a few clicks away. All information can be filtered and searched in seconds. Run multiple searches and export the data you’ve generated in an instant.

Core Reporting Features

  • Session and Season Data
  • Attendee Tracking Reports
  • Advanced filtering including stacked conditions to get exactly what you need
  • Registration and Check-In Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Registration Data and Analytics

Get detailed statistics so you can make sense of all your data. With our straight forward statistical analysis engine, you can generate graphs in an instant.

Play with your data – slice it, dice it, group it, and add to it. Regpack gives you the tools to create custom event reporting and more! You can view, edit, and manipulate all your information with only a few clicks.

Once you have what you are looking for, you can share it and export it in multiple ways, all in seconds.

Get the registration data and insights that you need.

Using the amazing filtering abilities, any data you need can be found. Want to see one applicant’s complete application? With the click of a button its there in front of you. If you need to view how many applicants during the 1st session are going on the Poland trip? Filter it and see who’s going. Need to go over a specific form for all the users? Just a click away.

Want to see the medical insurance information of only the users that have food allergies? Again, only a click away. You can filter as broadly or specifically as you want and need.

At last, data is fun, interesting and actually useful!

Data export, the easy way.

No more copying and pasting information into and out of excel reports and then printing out almost as many sheets as applications. Regpack makes all this go away! Your data is never going back and forth, you just get seamlessly and constantly updated data always with the newest information.

Visualize your data right from your browser and export only what you need into clear and useful reports. Regpack’s exporting tool allows you to export your data to an excel or pdf format for a wide range of uses.

If you need to show a quick numbers breakdown for a project adviser, filter the data you need, export it and email it to the adviser. If your accountant needs to a breakdown of revenue from last month, filter and export it and have it in their inbox before they even finish asking you for the report!

You can export data for a single project or several to show precise information or an overview of where your projects stands.

Track Financial Performance

Payment and sales reports customized and tailored to your specific needs will make tracking income and revenue simple. Get the big picture or a detailed report per product on revenue for your team.

Our data filter allows you to control time frame and session or season information so you can create a customized report in minutes, including revenue collected and outstanding balances for your programs and events.

Great product!
My organization has been using the RegPack software for just over a year now. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The reporting options are extensive and really allow you to keep track of all of your registrants well.
Marilynn Garcea
Co-Director, Northern Movement Inc.