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regpack registration purchase protection

It’s a situation known to every program and event organizer: they plan their program, pay all fees associated with putting on their event and then…someone cancels. Your operating costs don’t change, and you’re left with 2 choices: losing money by refunding the applicant or not refunding the applicant, and dealing with an unhappy customer.

That’s where Purchase Protection comes in! Regpack exclusively offers Purchase Protection to all of your applicants, AT NO COST TO YOU!

Purchase Protection is a service that can be offered to your registrants that allows them to be reimbursed if they need to cancel unexpectedly due to health reasons.

Should a health situation arise that prevents them from attending your event or program, applicants can file a claim for reimbursement of their eligible order. Qualified claims include accident, death or illness of the applicant or a family member.

You get the benefit of offering Purchase Protection to your applicants, without the headache of setting it all up! We provide it to your applicants, at NO COST to you! The applicant can opt to include the purchase protection right from their cart, and pay with the card they enter or have on file. It’s that easy!

purchase protection regpack

Is Purchase Protection really FREE?

Yes! Purchase Protection is FREE for you!

This is an option offered by Regpack to all Regpack applicants. Payment for Regpack Purchase Protection is made by the applicant. There is no cost to enable this feature to your applicants.

What is Regpack Purchase Protection?

Regpack Purchase Protection is an optional add-on your applicants can purchase to protect their order with you. Should a situation arise that prevents the applicant from attending the event or program, they can file a claim through Regpack and receive reimbursement of their purchase price.

What are the benefits of Purchase Protection?

Purchase Protection allows for a win-win scenario for everyone in the case that the unexpected does happen.

  • Protects your revenue and cash flow from unexpected cancellations or unforeseen health circumstances by allowing reimbursement rather than refunds.
  • Peace of mind for both your organization, but also your registrants.
  • No additional cost, both financial and resource wise, for your organization. The cost for this service is paid by your users and claims are handled by us. You just need to turn it on and decide if it’s mandatory.

Who qualifies for Regpack Purchase Protection?

Every applicant who registers using the Regpack service qualifies for Regpack Purchase Protection. You select which products are covered under the Purchase Protection plan.

What is the cost for Regpack Purchase Protection?

The cost of Regpack Purchase Protection is a small percentage of the applicant’s total eligible order. The system calculates this amount based on a unique algorithm that identifies risk factors of each individual applicant.

When can an applicant order Regpack Purchase Protection?

Regpack Purchase Protection can be purchased by an applicant upon checkout as long as it’s enabled in your project. The option to add the service will be presented to the applicant and paid for at the same time as the rest of the order. Once Purchase Protection is paid for, it is not refundable.

When can my applicant file a claim for Regpack’s Purchase Protection?

An applicant must submit a claim before the event or program start date. Any claim submitted that meets these conditions must include a doctor’s note. Qualified claims include illness or death of the applicant or the applicant’s immediate family. Immediate family is defined as: husband, wife, partner, civil partner, parent, child, brother, or sister.

I can’t imagine using another software.
I just found Regpack to be very customer service oriented, very willing to customize and I think that their platform is very flexible so you can make it look and feel like you want it to and add different functionalities. I would definitely recommend it. In today’s world it’s hard to get folks to do what they say and Regpack has really done that for us.
Linda Nelson
Executive Director