Easy Automatic Billing

Streamlined Payments.


Allow applicants to save their payment information for easy automatic billing and scheduled payments.

Regpack believes that making the registration process better and easier is important, but ensuring that your data is safe and that payments conducted online are protected is… well, basic!

Saving credit card information is safe and secure with Regpack’s payment integration.  Regpack’s software comes equipped with comprehensive fraud detection.

We are constantly monitoring for any problems that may arise. So if there is ever a problem, we are on it right away and you can continue your smooth sailing.

Great Support!
Often the simple tools provided by PayPal or Custom Forms, are not sufficient to manage and keep track of things like partial payments, Medical Forms, Permissions and Family registrations. Regpack helps set everything up or you and walks you through the whole process for a very reasonable fee and then gives you personalized instruction to get you up and running quickly.
Roger Wetherall
Registrar, Camp Sunrise NY