Allow users to easily view, select and register

for sessions and other time units right from the registration process.

session selection

Attendees can easily view, select and register for breakout sessions right from their registration dashboard.

Easily create and offer various time units that attendees can register for. Admins or attendees can even check-in right from their dashboard. You can even create logic for every time unit to ensure quotas are met, and no conflicts exist with the attendee’s schedule.

You can even use our conditional logic technology with time units, and trigger certain questions, or schedules to appear based on prior selections.

If a certain session costs money, easily add this charge to the attendee’s balance when they select certain sessions.

Reporting on sessions is simple, too. Easily filter for attendees registered for a specific session and run any report you need, send an email to those session participants, and more!

But wait, there’s more! You can also control how many units can be selected overall and selected by a schedule. Then just filter through time units by schedule, date, time, or location. You can even have map coordinates added to any schedule item so the location can be easily found on a map. All of these features work seamlessly on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

In short, all the GREAT COMMENTS you read about Regpack are TRUE!
OUTSTANDING support and service from RegPack staff. Super EASY for attendees to register. Gave us the EXACT DATA we needed to plan and prepare for our event. Quick process to contact attendees with important info. Email "triggers" allowed us to send "custom" emails to attendees with a few clicks. QUICK process to update our "products." Will definitely use again for our next event.
Cindy Thompson
CREW Planning Team