Get your event filled!

Quotas and waitlists ensure your event will reach capacity!

regpack waitlist quota

Regpack makes it easy to set quotas for your sessions so you never have an issue with too many registrations or confused parents.

Quotas can be set for every session you have, so you can create a different quota for every session or product you offer.

Our research has shown that 45.7% parents will stick with your camp if the session they want is full, if you offer a waitlist option.

If a quota has been met, Regpack allows parents to add themselves to a waitlist. If someone already registered drops out, those on the waitlist can join and pay for the session.

Waitlisting ensures you fill your camp sessions up by offering up a pool of campers ready to fill an open or vacated spot!

Waitlisting works best when you have integrated payments, fully registered campers, and fully paid campers. You can prioritize campers who have completed forms and placed a payment method on file, to fill any opened slots in your session, to ensure you are getting campers that have paid and you don’t have to chase after for their forms.


What about Regpack made it stand out?
Low monthly fees and low start up cost. We also liked that the system is customizable and the designers are willing to work with us to make adjustments. Finally, it is really user friendly.
Brad Weber
Camp Director