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Regpack is an online registration software that lets you easily create flexible registration processes with integrated payments, automatic email communication built-in, dynamic reporting and analytics, and more.
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“The best decision I made this year!

Working with Regpack has saved me time and money! Our registration numbers are up this year, thanks in part to the ability to offer auto-payment plans. I would absolutely choose Regpack again.”

Erin R.
Executive Director
Suzuki Institute

“Regpack works well, it’s easy to use and customizable. It’s so customizable and I think that’s the biggest feature. It’s competitive cost wise as well.

The other thing that has been really helpful for me is [Regpacks’s] support.”

Sally Noteware
Special Projects Coordinator
Harvard Medical School

“Efficient is the perfect word [to describe Regpack].

Even our attendees have complimented the registration system, which we think is incredible. Usually, feedback is complaints, but not with Regpack. They say it’s easy, it’s quick.”

Cindy Thompson,
Planning Team,
More Registrations
Increased Cash Flow
Less Cancellations
Attendee Satisfaction
All the tools you need to successfully manage your business - in one system.
Instead of one system for registration, one for email marketing, and another for reporting - get it all-in-one with Regpack! You'll get a 360-view of how your business is doing, manage workflows and clients with your team, and increase your cash flow!
Registration on your website
Don't send participants away. Embed your process on your website.
Automated Payment Options
Create autobilling plans, payment scheduled, and recurring billing options to meet your needs and the needs of your applicants.
Seamless Checkout Experience
Getting paid is easy with Regpack! Charge users easily, send invoices via email, and more!
Present your Offerings and Services
Offer your applicants various services to sign up for, including date-based offerings, one-time services, events, recurring subscriptions, and more.
Email Tools Built-In
Email communication can be triggered by specific actions including payments, applicant status, and more.
Group Registration
Allow one person to register multiple people for your events and programs, including group payments.
Customized Registration Forms
Create any process with our large template database to support all of your in-person and virtual offerings and services.
Discounts & Coupon Codes
Create and trigger discounts automatically to ensure applicants are charged correctly.
Mobile Friendly!
Regpack works great on all devices, including mobile. Allow users to register from anywhere, on any device.
Increase registrations and manage them effortlessly.
We’ve saved over 7,000 Regpack clients over $300 million dollars optimizing their registration process.