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Bluesnap payment processing partner with Regpack

BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment Platform, is a payment services technology provider tailored to B2B and B2C businesses looking for a globally scalable pre-built payment solution.

We are on a mission to simplify the complexities of payments to help businesses increase sales and reduce costs.

Our platform supports online and mobile sales, subscriptions, invoice payments and marketplaces. And because merchants and software developers spend countless hours bringing their products to market, they deserve the technology, tools, and support needed to create an exceptional buying experience – one that’s simple, powerful and drastically elevates shopper conversion.

BlueSnap offers:

  • Global payment processing and truly cross-border capabilities powered by a network of 30+ banks
  • An all-in-one solution. While other processors claim to be all-in-one, they require multiple accounts for local payment processing
  • Large offering of global payment types over 100
  • Advanced reporting that provides insight into conversion opportunities and simplifies reconciliation
  • Superiority of B2B invoicing, marketplace and payment for platform functionality
  • The partnership of payment experts, whereas the competition does not always provide human support