School category: Individual systems

Setting Up Your Reports

This lesson will cover how to create a report template, and how to run these reports.

Introduction to Regpack School

Welcome to the Regpack school series.

Testing Your Regpack Registration System

A guide to testing your new Regpack registration system. Testing your system allows you to improve the experience of your applicants as they move through your application.

Regpack Form Concepts

We go over the difference between parent forms, child forms, system forms and deleted forms.

Setting Up Regpack Forms

We cover editing fields within a form, changing question types, triggers, setting the form to the correct parent or child level, and much more.

Product Concepts

The video will guide you in creating categories for your products, reordering categories, setting up individual products, accessing an applicant’s cart, and much more!

Setting Up Regpack Products

We detail how to create a product and how to edit a product.

Setting Up Your Emails

We guide you in creating a new email template, using tokens to add information to your email text, and setting up triggers for each email.

Understanding the Regpack Scheduler Module

This video tutorial will show you how to make adjustments to the functionality of schedules and how to trigger time units within your system.