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Boy Scout Troop 457 – Merit Badge College

Registration Software for Merit Badge College (MBC)

Before using Regpack, Troop 457 used a free registration software service that didn’t meet their reporting and tracking needs. Martha Finkelstein of Merit Badge College, who has been working with Regpack for the past two years, sat down with us to discuss the positive changes to their registration and reporting process since making the switch to Regpack.

Merit Badge Tracking – an essential part of Boy Scout troop growth in all aspects of Boy Scout education. Without an effective tracking solution, troops can lose their progress in an instant.

Where were you in your registration process when you looked for Regpack, and why were you looking for a new registration system?

We had lost our registration system for our Boy Scout Merrit Badge College operation and had been using a free registration system. We were looking to record all of the information from one of our events that included a large number of scouts; we wanted to keep track of payments, requirements earned, and all of the associated information for that event.

As a non-profit, we were looking for a registration system that was responsibly priced, too. Regpack was the one that offered both.

What made Regpack stand out from the other options?

The software was most geared toward a scout troop where troop leaders or parents could register scouts for a particular event. Regpack has the ability to record information that may be covered in our events or camping activities with multiple days of events.

The system has the reporting we need built right into the software.

How has the use of reporting affected your workflow, and how is it important to your troop?

It’s quite important because scouts advance based on the requirements they have earned for a particular merit badge. There are about 129 different merit badges they could possibly earn.

Keeping records of those requirements is important. Most troops have moved away from a manual system of filing out a blue card. Now, it’s all digital. So, we needed to be able to record specific requirements for each scout on an individual basis and send that information to troop leaders.

How could other troops take advantage of Regpack for their programs?

I would suggest other troops get the system set up with their account project manager and possibly do a mini run-through of an event or something similar so you can see what you can do with the software.

What information will your report contain? Do you want it in CSB format or PDF? What’s the best option for that particular troop?

Regpack offers various ways to showcase your offerings and services. How is that helping you make more sales and better serve your clients?

I would like to see how to do different reporting options in addition to the CSS style formatting. I’ve seen a few examples of troops using Regpack and their formatting, but I haven’t had time to set up that specific formatting.

The best thing we did this year, which was different from the first year, was we had our website up. We were able to embed the link for registration on the site, which was great.

Regpack has streamlined our online registration process.

Troop 457 – Merit Badge College

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Regpack has streamlined our online registration process.

The system has the reporting we need built right into the software

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