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How Gilbert High School Found a Workaround For Their Organization Needs

For the past five years, volunteers at Gilbert High School’s basketball and volleyball summer camps have relied on Regpack’s camp registration software to organize and keep in contact with parents and students alike.

Kelsey Haasch is the volunteer in charge of GHS’s registration process, and to hear her tell it, Regpack has been a lifesaver when it comes to keeping her camp organized.

Kelsey was looking for an easy, user-friendly tool that could help her keep up good communication with families and simplify the registration process for everyone, and it seems like she’s found it!

Check out our interview with Kelsey below.

Your camp changes lives. Let us change yours.

Tell me a little about yourself and what you’re doing at the high school.

I volunteer. I’m a special ed teacher throughout the year, but then I help during the summer. I do the basketball and volleyball registration, and we decided to do soccer this year as well.

What system were you using to manage registration before Regpack?

First it was just a paper system, and then we did it in an Excel spreadsheet. I came along at that time, and I was like, couldn’t we just do something online? I started looking for a system and then we came on yours.

I think it was communication with families—an easy system to do that, and then also something that would help us with the roster for the camp when they check in. And I guess we also wanted a user-friendly site, too.

User-friendly for you, for the parents, or both?

Both. A system that would be easy for them to log into, because we were trying to get away from our paper registration and having to fill out all that information ourselves. What we like about Regpack is, you can customize it. We can see our needs, like the age and the type of kids we have. It sorts it all out for us, and we also have that data sheet of the addresses and phone numbers and all the contact information.

Do you have any parents complaining about the registration?

Not so much. The initial process is pretty easy for them.

Do parents appreciate having an online option for payments? Has that made the accounting side of the programs you’re running easier?

It has. And we’ve seen more growth through that, too.

Parents like that easy access—just to pay online and drop their kid off, and not have to worry about paying at the door. And the credit card system is really nice, too. This year we eliminated cash and check without credit card, so it’s all electronic.

From your end of things, how do you find managing the different systems for volleyball and basketball?

I like it. I can just go into each section in the admin account. So, I have it separate, but it’s still easy to go between both.

You mentioned printing out rosters and stuff like that. How has online reporting been working better for you than just one big spreadsheet?

Oh, I love it. I love the diversity you get because of how much you can customize it. Different coaches need different materials, so I can make different categories and separate it all.

What are your favorite tools in Regpack?

I like the filter. I can filter out who’s paid and who’s not paid, and then I also make the filter for the camp they’ve selected so I can see if we have campers coming back each week. It saves me time because I don’t have to search through the whole system by hand.

What would you say to another camp or sports professional about why using Regpack is helpful?

I think it’s just an efficient system that is user-friendly not just for the person doing it, but for the parents, too. I think they like that email system we have, and that contact piece is helpful, too.

I just like the user-friendliness of it. It’s a simple site that doesn’t require that much work. You guys have been so helpful with that, too, with all the silly questions you get. I also really like how quickly you guys respond, too.

I love the diversity you get because of how much you can customize it.

We’ve included some important tasks all school programs should have, including:

  • Curriculum
  • Rosters
  • Student forms
  • Emergency contact information
  • Staff / Volunteer Selection
  • Multiple child sign-ups
  • Multiple payment method

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Parents like that easy access-

just to pay online and drop their kid off, and not have to worry about paying at the door.

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