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Client Spotlight: GOPLAY International Sports Tours

GoPlay has been working with Regpack since 2019 to manage registration for their international sports tours and trips.

Darren was looking for a more flexible solution to manage trip payments and offer more payment options to his clients.

Learn more about how GoPlay is using Regpack to manage both their international sports tours and their soccer camps!

For me, I needed flexibility for our different tour types.

What were you doing for registration before Regpack?

GoPlay was originally part of a larger organization that ran educational tours as well as sports tours. When the financial crisis hit, the sports tours stopped as it was a harder program to coordinate, while the educational tours which are more straightforward, continued.

In 2015, the organization asked if I would be open to taking on the sports tours again. The premier league was getting bigger in the US and it seemed like a good time to get it going again.

The organization was using an Oracle-built registration system that was built in-house and it was very inflexible. For example with payments, you always had to pay a deposit, the second payment always had to be a specific date and you had to make sure the final payment was another specific date. So there were only 3 payments to pay for the tour and everything had to be a set amount.

I was looking for something for GoPlay because I was really starting this wing of the business from scratch. I did a lot of research. I first started looking at sports-specific systems, like a league registration software or a league app.

But then I started looking for a travel registration software that would give me the flexibility I needed for payments.

For me, I needed flexibility for our different tour types.

For a golf tour, as an example, I need a bigger deposit upfront because I have book tee times, which are non-refundable. A $500 deposit with the existing system just wouldn’t cover this. I needed something more flexible with the payments. And the peace of mind that if someone canceled, I’d be covered.

I also needed the option to set the dates for future payments. Not just monthly. We need the flexibility for the soccer clubs we work with, as another example, who charge tuition. We don’t want to charge the families for their trip on the same month as tuition. So our software needed to allow us to charge in a customized way for every tour.

You added soccer camp to your list of offerings this year. How was using Regpack to create a new registration process?

I’ve really loved being able to use Regpack this year for the camps we started running. I never thought I’d be running soccer camps. And it was so easy to build a soccer camp registration page using Regpack that we could put right on our website.

The fact that in a few clicks we had a camp template ready and we had a seamless way to just create something totally different for our business with the same software. Overnight I was getting money from the camp registration 2 days after we went live. So easy! And I didn’t have to find another platform to manage this process.

Communication with Regpack is great, the training is excellent. I’ve never felt alone when using Regpack.

Flexibility, communication, and training. The three things I love about Regpack!

What other features do you love about Regpack?

I like the fact that I have one link on my website for registration. I can send to everyone the same link and it makes it easy to direct my clients to begin the process.

I also love the family account setup. Families don’t have to create a new registration for every child, and it streamlines communication so well.

I’ve been in the business a long time, and know the pain points we had with previous systems so I knew what I was looking for. I want to concentrate on my business and spend my time growing my business, and not deal with issues with the backend like I did with our previous systems.

The great thing about Regpack is that I don’t have to hear about it every day! If I am not having to troubleshoot registration and payment issues, it means Regpack is doing what I want it to do.

The updates you’ve done over the years have also been great. When you update your software, including the look and feel, it helps our business as well. Having a system that looks good and is user-friendly is important for us.

How do the reports work for you and your team?

I love the payment reports the most. To be able to match up payments to the trip via Group ID.

I can click on the trip I want to view and see all the revenue and payments easily. That’s fantastic!

The ability to merge payment reports with our user reports makes things so easy. I use this for my bookkeeping all the time, monthly, and also anytime a trip is set to leave.

It’s also helpful to run roster reports anytime I need to send over a list of participants to coaches or a trip leader. Regpack makes that easy.

Would you recommend Regpack to other sports tour groups?

The flexibility of the system, it’s easy to use, and the payment side is really strong.

The fact that you can pay with your checking account, with a credit card – there were a lot of software packages where these options weren’t always available.

The Support is great with Regpack! When something is going on, you want to know the company has your back. The updates and communication are good service all around.

I know someone is listening to me at Regpack. You feel supported.

Flexibility, communication, and training. The three things I love about Regpack!

We’ve included some important tasks all travel event coordinators should have:

  • User-friendly registration
  • Spot limitation
  • Attendance trackers
  • Itineraries
  • Multiple payment options
  • Medical information of each registrant
  • Email communication standards
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Communication with Regpack is great, the training is excellent.

I’ve never felt alone when using Regpack.

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