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Masa/Israel Teaching Fellows and Regpack Educational Tourism Registration

We recently caught up with Jaclyn Mishal, the Director of Recruitment at Masa Israel Journey in New York.

Together with the Israeli Ministry of Education, Masa has launched Israel Teaching Fellows, a program which places 170 outstanding North American college graduates in undeserved schools throughout Israel.

Volunteering as English teacher’s aides, these young men and women help close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system. They are currently using Regpack’s educational tourism registration to manage this project.

Masa Israel quickly realized that in order to create a program that would truly impact many Israeli communities, they needed to enlist the help of several trip providers to place their applicants and reach different schools throughout the country.

Managing the registration of applicants between several competing providers, all in one educational tourism registration system, was the challenge Masa gave Regpack. And we met their challenge head on!

Check out our interview with Jaclyn below and learn how Masa is using Regpack’s educational tourism registration system to collaborate with their organizers in a unique and effective way!

“The Regpack system provided a user-friendly experience for everyone – the users, administrators, and providers.”

What is Masa and what is your role in the organization?

Masa Israel provides opportunities for young adults to spend 5 months to a year in Israel in many different ways. We currently offer over 200 programs.

I’m the Director of Recruitment here in North America. One of our flagship programs is Israel Teaching Fellows (ITF), which launched two years ago. For the first year, we used an online registration system to manage the ITF application process; as we moved to a more complex structure, we needed something that would better fit our needs. That’s why we moved to Regpack this year and we have had a wonderful registration season!

Tell me more about Israel Teaching Fellows.

Israel Teaching Fellows is a unique program in that it was launched by Masa Israel and the Ministry of Education (in Israel).

The goal is to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system by sending outstanding college graduates to teach English in underserved schools.

During the planning stages, we realized that having only one program provider wouldn’t allow us to build a network throughout Israel –we were going to need to work with a number of different providers in order to build a successful program. In the first year, we worked with five different providers to operate the program.

We needed an application process that would create a great user experience for the applicant and a smooth administrative experience as well.

After using a different application for the first year, we realized that we needed a professional system like Regpack to take our registration management to the next level.

The Regpack system provided a user-friendly experience for everyone – the users, administrators, and providers.

How are you using the permission abilities in Regpack as part of your internal management processes?

One of the questions that the potential participants answer is where they want to be based. The five providers we work with operate the program in different cities.

Regpack was able to work it out so that applicants who chose a certain city are automatically matched with the provider who operates there.

The permissions module they put in place can limit each administrator’s permission according to any question we ask the applicant.  We have access to all of the applications and each provider has access to applicants who have chosen their city.

Program organizers set the status of each applicant through the system, so they can easily sort how many people they have in progress, how many people are seriously considering, how many people are approved, etc.

Do you, MASA, and the providers you work with, use the Reports function? If so, how?

The reporting abilities in Regpack have made a big difference!

We use it a lot for assessing our recruitment and marketing efforts so we can improve for next year. For example, if we see that we had invested in going to certain events and we accepted a number of fellows from those events where we found extraordinary candidates, we might choose to go to those events again because we can now see that we were able to attract the people that would best fit the program.

We use the reporting abilities throughout the application season as well so that we can manage how much more recruitment is needed at different points. We are also able to measure how long it takes applicants to get all their paperwork in.

How as the customer service you received from Regpack been?

We’ve had an overall great experience. We did have a few challenges and changes that came up throughout the season based on what we were learning and overall we were able to brainstorm together with Regpack how to give the users and the providers the best experience possible.

It wasn’t just asking for changes and having Regpack implement them – they helped us think things through.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yes! One of the biggest differences we’ve noticed since working with Regpack is that our new system really saves us a ton of time throughout the season.

We were able to focus our efforts in building the programs and in marketing and recruiting. We also achieved the goal of giving our users a professional, user-friendly application process and it saved us a lot of time on the back end as well as helped us all stay organized throughout the process.


Thanks Jaclyn for taking the time to talk with us! We’re so happy that we were able to find a solution for your unique situation.

A challenge for any company is to not only manage their own data, but to share that data and collaborate on big projects with others. Regpack is so unique in that we can offer one product that is so flexible. It can be tweaked in many ways to custom fit your needs and situation, like in the case of Israel Teaching Fellows. If you want to learn more about how our system works or how it can work for you, request a free demo!

One of our goals for all of our clients is to give them a great and effective tool to manage their business so they can spend more time on the content of their product and doing what they love, and less time managing the details!

The reporting abilities in Regpack have made a big difference!

We’ve included some important tasks all event planners need on their event checklist, including:

  • Event Goals
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  • Sub – Contractor Lists
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After using a different application for the first year,

we realized that we needed a professional system like Regpack to take our registration management to the next level.

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