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Challenges in Planning an Association Event
association event planning

Association Events are an integral part of the organization’s employee engagement program. If successfully driven, they can add great value for an association’s members.

However, association events come with their fair share of challenges, which at times can be very stressful for the organizers.

A registration software can help your manage your corporate events effectively. Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world use registration software to streamline their event management process.

Challenges in Organizing an Association Event

Some of the major challenges associated with event organization include:

Attracting Sponsors

Attracting sponsorship for an association’s event is probably one of the hardest tasks in arranging such corporate events. Sponsors look for complete and relevant information about the event to invest their money in it.

Corporations can use an online registration system in the following ways to streamline the sponsorship process:

  • Provide personalized and convenient registration system for sponsors to easily become a part of the event.
  • Conditional logic incorporated in this registration software facilitates sponsors in specifying their requirements. This helps build their interest in the event and make higher contributions.


If teams do not communicate effectively during the event organization process, they are prone to have last minute surprises. Therefore, it is essential that everyone be on the same page during each step of the process.

Communication is especially useful when the corporate event is simultaneously taking place at more than one location. Effective communication will ensure that all participants are available at different venues when the event starts.

Registration software are often compatible with multiple types of devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This makes it easy for all stakeholders to communicate freely with each other.

Managing Volunteers

Volunteers are always essential for any association event. They help in many ways from seating the guests at the venue to providing last-minute presentation fixes. However, keeping track of volunteers and assigning them tasks can be challenging.

Fortunately, with volunteer registration function of the software, you can enroll volunteers via an online registration system. This helps organizations assign responsibilities and share useful information with the volunteers as and when required.

Selecting the Right Venue

It is important to keep the agenda and target audience in mind while selecting the venue for your association’s event.

As an organizer, you need to answer the following questions to ensure that the venue is perfect for your event:

Is The Venue Big Enough? You need to make sure that the venue will conveniently house all attendees including speakers, participants, and representatives from your sponsors.

Is The Lighting Appropriate? Based on the event you are organizing, you need to ensure that proper lighting is available at the venue.

Surroundings: It is import to consider the surrounding environment as well while organizing an association’s event. If the venue is too noisy, it may hinder the presenter’s speech.

Managing Budget

Budget management is one of the most critical tasks while organizing an association’s event. Some of the major expenses during such conferences include venue, food, and beverages. To maximize the return on their investment, organizers need a proper online registration system to enroll as many participants as possible.

With a registration software, you can employ tools such as personalized registration forms, integrated billing solutions and discount offering functions. This helps associations maximize enrollment and recover their expenses.

Time Constraints

At times, the organizing committee has limited window to prepare for an association’s event. In order to put all the pieces together, organizations may miss-out on certain crucial aspects.

Your organization can overcome resolve time constraint issues by using a registration software. Using the tools at your disposal, you can:

Communicating online with all participants, sponsors, delegates, and organizers

A scheduler allows organizers to check-in and checkout each participant at their desired time
Allowing group registration for multiple participants with the same interests or background at a discounted price

Bottom Line

You can overcome the challenges associated with organizing an association’s event with the right tools at your disposal. Efficient management of available resources is the key to the success of any corporate event.

Moreover, online registration tools are a great way to streamline communication. In addition, the tools provide excellent service to participants at a corporate event. An effective tool you can use in this regard is Regpack, which offers all the features mentioned above, enabling efficient planning of your event.

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Asaf Darash
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