Childrens Activity Management Software Comparison: Sawyer Tools & Regpack

Compare childrens activity management software SawyerTools and Regpack.

Are you looking for a great activity manager software to help automate and manage your classes and online programs? If so, you’re in the right spot!

Evaluating software options is a big task – but finding the right software is imperative to the successful functioning of your child activity business workflow.

Childrens activity management software. Registration and payments on your website with Regpack.

What is the best childrens activity management software?

Two great options for managing online program bookings on your website are Sawyer Tools and Regpack. Both offer the features you need to collect registrations and payments on your website as well as a robust backend portal to manage all of the data and payments you collect easily.

Both Sawyer and Regpack give a backend system to run reports on data, which is invaluable!

Sawyer is great for children’s activities and camps. Regpack works not just for children’s activities and camp, but any business looking to collect and manage customer information and the ability to charge those customers easily.

Compare pricing for childrens activity management software Sawyer and Regpack.

Software Platform for Kids Classes: Pricing Comparison

Sawyer does not publish their pricing online, but it’s safe to say that pricing includes transaction fees paid on payments processed through the system.

Regpack is much more transparent with their pricing, and plans start at $89 / month to manage up to 2,000 families. Additionally, there are processing fees, like Sawyer, on payments made in the system.

Online payments on your website for your children's activity business.

Online Payments for Childrens Activity Bookings

Both Sawyer and Regpack allow parents to make payments directly in the registration flow – which is a good thing! You don’t want to send parents to a 3rd party website in order to pay.

Both tools also offer payment plans, including the ability to pay in full or split the payments into monthly installments.

Regpack takes this a step further and offers custom plans beyond a monthly payment. You can create plans with a deposit, and specific amounts paid on dates you choose, including plan end dates.

You can even have specific payment plans for individual classes or programs, so you can control how you get paid for which offerings.

Regpack offers both credit card and ACH or eCheck payments. eChecks allow a user to pay with their bank account or by electronic check. The more payment options you offer, the more likely you will get paid!

Online forms for your childcare business to manage registration and sign-ups.

Online Forms for Activities

Sawyer offers a basic set of forms and fields to gather the information you need from families when they are signing up for your programs.

Regpack takes this basic set a bit further and offers customizable form templates, so you can get the information YOU need, in an order and flow that makes sense.

Regpack also offers trigger functionality, allowing you to show or hide certain forms and fields based on how the parent answers certain questions, or which sessions they are booking.

Manage activity registration on your website with Regpack.

Top Childrens Activity Management Software Features

A few things that are different between Sawyer Tools and Regpack:

  • Regpack offers a payment protection plan which integrates into the registration flow. This protects companies as well as registrants in the event that a family pays for a class or event and then needs to cancel due to illness. This is FREE for Regpack clients to offer, and is a great compliment to existing cancellation and refund policies your business may already have in place.
  • Sawyer offers a gift card option that you can manage in your Sawyer back end. You can even send digital gift cards to customers and allow them to redeem the gift online.

Which children’s activity manager platform is right for your business?

That’s up to you!

We suggest signing up for a free demo of all of your options so you have a chance to see the front and back end of the system and ask questions.

It helps to start with a list of the functionality you NEED (not want) so you can get a sense of which options provide your basic essentials. Once you narrow it down this way, you can compare cost and nice to haves to see which is the best fit!

Manage activity registration on your website with Regpack.

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