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Communicating effectively with your attendees once they begin the event registration process is essential and important if you want to have a successful event. The feeling an attendee has before they arrive at your event will inform how they feel when they arrive at your event.

If the registration is hard, confusing, long or just generally un-professional, it’s a big problem. A great event management software can help ensure this doesn’t happen.

The best way you can use your event software to create a smooth registration process, is helpful and effective email communication.

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Personalize your registration emails!

An effective email in either case will include personal information to direct the attendee properly. Unless you want to go through every application and send a personalized email to each one, this can be a lot of work. Using your event software to automate this makes this process a breeze.

Below you’ll find 2 email templates that can serve as a guide as you write your own registration confirmation and registration incomplete emails to attendees before your upcoming event.

Using your event registration software’s email tools to send timely and informative emails is easy with the right software! Two important emails you need to get right highlighted below.

Event Registration Confirmation Email Template

The first important email is a simple email confirming their registration and any further action needed. Anytime someone completes an action on your registration, (or anywhere for that matter) they expect an email to confirm they really did that thing. Whether its a completed payment or a completed form.


Check out how Regpack’s event registration software can improve your registration process

Event Registration Incomplete Email Template

The second type is if the attendee didn’t complete registration the first time around and you need to remind them that there are forms left still to complete for your event.

This is where tokens via your registration software come in handy. Instead of just saying they have forms to complete and fielding calls and emails from attendees asking what you mean, you can include in your email the token for the incomplete forms. That way each individual email will show the specific forms that specific attendee still needs to complete.

Writing Effective Event Registration Emails

Notice that in each email template above, the following information was always included:

  • Name of the event.
  • Personalized information – name, forms incomplete, login email, etc.
  • Links to their registration and the email they registered with to avoid confusion.
  • Your contact information in the email signature.
  • In the case of the incomplete registration, a color coded list of what is complete and what isn’t. Green for complete, red for incomplete.

The goals of both of these emails is to communicate an action done, and in the case of the second also actions required. Making it clear what is expected, providing the proper information for them to complete the action requested, and personalizing the email is effective communication!

Another great resource for templates is this marketing email template solution and this list of responsive email templates. These solutions can be helpful when you aren’t sure where to start with email marketing and writing effective emails!

Feel free to copy any bit of our template for your own event registration. We also have a great eBook full of even more registration email templates!

Check out how Regpack’s event registration software can improve your registration process

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