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Event Registration Software Comparison

event management software comparison

Planning an event? If so, you are probably in need of a registration software to help you manage everything. From applicant registration, vendor registration, emails, reporting, check-in, etc.

There are many kinds of events out there and of course, there are many kinds of event software. Each one offers their own unique blend of features that work for some and not all.

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Below is a helpful chart comparing some of the most popular event registration software on the market.

They are a mix of traditional registration software and ticketing based systems.

A more traditional registration software is best for those needing to really manage all aspects of your event – emails, reporting, user data, etc.

Ticketing systems are great for simply organizing an event – getting some basic information and sending out a ticket via email with a bar-code. (See this post all about boosting event registration and how some ticketing systems just don’t cut it).

They all have features that crossover as well, so figuring out what you need most for your event FIRST, then finding the software options that have what you’re looking for, can really help you narrow the field.

Take Advantage of Free Demos

My advice is, once you’ve narrowed down your choices – take advantage of the free demos that most software companies offer. This will give you more info on pricing.

You can see if you can afford it, and how it compares to others on the market with a demo. You can also see the user interface, and anticipate the applicant and admin experience.

The demo is a great time to ask:

  • Is the system user-friendly?
  • Can you customize it to your branding?
  • Can it be embedded on your website?
  • What is the customer service like?
  • Is the process intuitive?

Remember, a long list of features sounds tempting, but what you really need are solutions to your event registration challenges.

While one software might have tons of features if you only need half of them, why pay for all of them?

Trust me, if they can do a lot, usually they charge a lot too. And more importantly, they will just confuse you if there are unneeded features getting in the way.

Event Registration Software Features or Solutions?

While a list of features isn’t necessarily the best way to compare, as I stated above, it’s a start to narrow the field and decide which features are required for your event vs. what are nice to have.

This will help you eliminate any options that don’t immediately offer what you need, which saves you time in the long run.

Check out the chart below to get a jump start on your research. Have a great event!

Top Event Registration Features to Look For

There are 5 features any event software you consider must have.

  1. Conditional Logic: Conditional logic simply means creating a unique event registration flow for every attendee. This will ensure you make the registration process intuitive and easy. You can send an attendee, vendor, and speaker all on their own registration path with questions relevant for their specific registration.
  2. Automatic BillingUnless your event costs a very small amount of money, automatic billing and payment plans will lower your non-payment rate by 25% and allow your attendees to pay on time, quickly and easily.
  3. Purchase ProtectionPurchase Protection helps to secure your funding, and protect the investment your attendees are making in your event.
  4. FilteringEnsure the event software you choose has a robust filtering ability so you can filter and create reporting on any data point. This will help event day go more smoothly and allow you to understand and use your data productively.
  5. Embedded on Your Event WebsiteWhy take attendees away from your website to register? Embedding the registration flow on your website will increase sign-ups by 27% and is the most professional option!

Regpack Event Registration Software

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