“Nobody Cares About You!”: Understanding that will grow your business by 500% in 1 Year!

by Asaf Darash,

This sentence: “Nobody cares about you!” is how I start every team meeting at Regpack. Sound terrible? Actually it has helped us grow by 120% in the last 3 months alone and by 500% in the last year. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

You are probably reading this and thinking “that Regpack team must be miserable! No one cares about them!” On the contrary, feel free to call any member of my team and they will tell you they love working for Regpack. It is a laid back environment where each member is able to excel in exactly the things that they do best!

So why do I start our team meetings with such a negative statement. Obviously it is not really true in the literal sense. The true meaning behind that sentence is that our clients do not really care about me, their project manager, the head of the team, the development group, or anything else connected to Regpack as a company or the people at Regpack. This isn’t to say our clients are selfish or evil, mean people. On the contrary, they are all pretty amazing people that are doing things that we are proud to help them with. Most of them are in the education business or the non-profit sector and what they do on a day to day basis is changing the world (really changing it, not Silicon Valley style changing it). A side effect of starting Regpack several years ago that I didn’t anticipate but am so happy about, is feeling like I’m a small part of all the great stuff my clients are doing out there in the world. Getting to be a part of that in a small way feels pretty awesome.

BUT… we (Regpack that is) are not the center of their world. Our clients want to use the Regpack tool in order to make their processes seamless and easy. They want to use Regpack in order to make their onboarding process an afterthought to their clients and they want to go back to doing what they really do care about.

The idea that “nobody cares about you” is to say that no one really cares about your process, how you work, the ‘behind the scenes’ of what you do or anything about your business really. They care about the problems they have and how you are going to solve them. Simple as that. They do not care that in order to do something three team members need to get involved or the process it will take to fix it. They care if you can tell them it can be solved and when it will be solved, and that answer should always be ASAP! Clients don’t care that if in order to resolve their issue you need to restructure their system or add fields or any other “tech talk”. They want it to work when they need it to work so that it will comply to the business process they need to put into place.

So why use such a harsh saying that sounds really really negative when you can say the good things I said above? The reason is that when you are in the mindset that “nobody cares!” you understand that you need to solve the problem and you need to talk about the issues that the client is facing. You need to GET.TO.THE.POINT and get down to business.This has worked for us at Regpack from the sales level to the project management and finally to the support level. How you ask? I’ll tell you! Keep reading!

Why nobody cares about you when you are selling to them.

Let’s say say John is in the market for a registration solution. John is looking for a registration system since he has a problem with his registration and he needs it solved. So John goes out and searches the internet for a solution to his problem. Finally after going through a ton of marketing lingo of various companies John finds a possible solution. Great! He’s thrilled.

Now John contacts the company he thinks is going to solve his problem. He wants to see if they can help with his challenges. John does not care if they can solve a million other problems. John does not care if they are the most amazing company in the world. John does not care if they can fly monkeys to the moon (unless that is his problem obviously). So when you are selling to John (since he really really wants you to which is why he contacted you) remember that he does not care about you or your company. He wants to see the solutions you can give him to his problems. He wants to know that you can solve only his problems, that you can do it at a price point he can hopefully afford and that you are well respected in your field.

Putting the Regpack sales team into that mindset has made a dramatic difference in our conversion rates. We moved from a 10% conversion rate to a 27% conversion rate! Yep, that is right, a 170% increase. Why? When we are talking to a potential client we aren’t just showing them the Regpack solution. We aren’t trying to WOW with all our amazing ‘features’ that have nothing to do with the needs of this particular client. We start by trying to understand their problem. We make the conversation about THEM, not about US.

Once we understand the problems at hand, we show this client how we can solve their problems. Not someone else’s problem, but their problem. We aim to not overwhelm them with a thousand details that are not important. We are not telling them how many new employees we just added or how much funding we just got. We are not telling them about a new feature that was added that has nothing to do with their problem. The client really does not care about it, the client wants to know that Regpack can solve their problem. Period. Have I made my point yet?

Why nobody cares about you when you are building their registration system.

So the sales process went really well and now John decided he wants to move forward. He gives the thumbs up and looks forward to working with someone that will create an onboarding and online registration process that is built according to his needs. John is obviously open to seeing how he can improve the process but he does not want to change the way his organization works in general.
As the process starts John is assigned a project manager that talks to him about his needs and the problem he needs to solve.

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You might be asking how the mindset that “nobody cares about you” helps us at Regpack make sure that we solve John’s problem? This is achieved since the project manager does not overwhelm the client with a thousand little details that are needed in order to make the system work the way they want it to work.

I would like to give a recent example that we dealt with that shows how this mindset is put into action. We had a recent client that 56% of their applicants use Apple computers and therefore prefer to use Safari as their browser. It turns out that Apple decided that when tabbing through fields, fields that are radio buttons or checkboxes are not included in the tabbing sequence. Why? Frankly I have no idea. It breaks the way everyone expects things to work. When filling out forms (which is a major part of what end users do with Regpack) it is much easier to tab through the fields than to use the mouse. According to our data it reduces the time to fill out a form by 19%. A software company that is not in the mindset of “nobody cares” would have sent over this article to the client and would tell them “it is how it is suppose to work on a Mac, sorry” and called it a day. But when you are in the mindset that “nobody cares” you understand that the problem needs to be solved, not just blamed on someone else or how someone ELSE works.

Therefore we put 2 developers on the problem and after a week (of really hard coding since Apple does a lot of prevent you from overriding their configuration) the issue was solved. I think this really articulates the idea of how this mindset makes a difference! Not only did we solve this very specific problem for our client, we put in place a new solution for other clients, current or future that this fix might help. We win because our software is now more sophisticated and our clients are happy.

Obviously sometimes there are complicated problems that are not easy to solve and that there are a number of solutions that are all suboptimal. In that situation the decision is returned to the client. The project manager explains the different solutions and their possible implications on the work flow. Not how the solution will be implemented, not if it is difficult or not and not what needs to be done in order to reach each solution. Just the implications on the client workflow. Again this comes from the “nobody cares” mindset. The client cares about how this will affect them, not us.

Our goal is at every step of the way to understand the specific problems our client is facing, understand the features of Regpack that will benefit them and implement all of those features and solutions into their specific registration system. Our staff doesn’t waste time plugging features that don’t do anything for our clients flow just to sound like they are getting more for their money. We make it clear that they are getting a custom system that will incorporate all the amazing features Regpack has to offer that benefits their process and their organization.

Why nobody cares about you when you are giving them support.

Regpack gets tons, TONS of positive feedback about our customer service. This is a point of pride for me as CEO since it reflects my hiring choices and gives me the confidence that my staff is doing an amazing job.

But we get such great feedback because we remind ourselves that NOBODY CARES ABOUT US! Again, when we are giving support we focus on the issue at hand and how we can solve it for our client ASAP. They will respond positively to the support you give them based on how effectively you solve their issues, not because they feel connected to you or feel like they ‘know’ your story.

Once you understand and accept that your clients don’t care about you (deep breath, I know, it’s ok), you realize that you DO NOT need to explain the problems to your client or elaborate about what isn’t working. You need to SOLVE their problems. They don’t care what the solution is, they want to know that there is one and when it can be done.


In order to be very customer oriented and grow your business, you need to remind yourself that nobody cares about you all the time. If you focus your customer service and your sales pitches on just how awesome you are in general, but not how awesome you are FOR THEM, you won’t grow. Or maybe you will, but you won’t reach your full potential.

Saying “nobody cares about you” helps me and my team focus on our strategy, whether it’s marketing, customer service or our own drive to improve our software and solve more problems for our clients.

Just because they don’t care about your process doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the results your process produces. Why do all of our clients rave about us – because we understand their problems, come up with awesome solutions and they enjoy the fruits of our labor! Win-win for everyone!

About The Author

Asaf Darash

Asaf has extensive experience as entrepreneur and investor. Asaf has built 3 successful companies to date, all with an exit plan or that have stayed in profitability and are still functional. Asaf specializes in product development for the web, team building and in bringing a company from concept to an actualized unit that is profitable.