Online Conference Management FAQ

Check out some helpful FAQ’s below about Regpack’s online conference management and registration software.

General Questions

What is Regpack?

Regpack is an online conference management and registration software. With Regpack you can easily register, charge and manage your applicants.

Regpack CEO Asaf Darash created Regpack out of 7 years worth of research for his Ph.D., which focused on computer languages, network functions, databases and the ways in which information can be saved in order to make it more flexible. Turning that research into a software product was at first just to see if the theory worked in practice.

Regpack began as a 3 person team turning research into a real life solution for organizations looking to improve their registration process. Today, Regpack has over 4,000 clients and counting.

We strive daily to build the best online conference management system out there and give the best support to our clients. Our focus is always on what we can do to serve our clients best, so that they can do the important work of running their business! Regpack has grown and evolved over the years because we have listened to our clients registration problems and adapted the system so that Regpack is the ultimate solution to their problems.

How do I connect my conference website to the registration forms?

With just 1 line of code! Seriously. Instead of sending your applicants to a different site to register, fill out forms and pay, it all happens right on your site. Learn more here.

Can this help with my SEO? Do you provide other marketing tools?

Ticket purchases happen right on your website, helping with your SEO. We do not have ways to promote your conference or tickets directly through our platform.

Do applicants have to login in order to register?

You can set up your online conference management two ways: either by creating an account so applicants can log back in in order to complete registration, make payments, etc OR you can have an anonymous system with no login. With an anonymous system, registration must be completed all at once and the applicant does not have to go through a sign up process in order to register for your event. Changes can be made to applicants via admins in the back end.

Can applicants reset their password automatically?

Yes. Password changes are easy with Regpack. They are automated so if an applicant forgets his login information, they do not have to go through you to retrieve it, the system will take care of it.

Do you allow group registration?

Yes! We allow one user to login and register on behalf of an entire group. The group will have one login and one username, and they can register, pay and manage everyone in their group. This can boost your paying applicants by 26%!

Is this just applicant registration?

Our software allows you to register everyone – attendees, vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, donors, etc. You can register and manage all of these applicant types in one central place. We do this through conditional logic, which you can read more about here. Our conditional logic engine makes it easy to handle all of these registration processes in one place.

Conference Software Pricing and Payments

You can view our complete pricing on our Pricing page here.

Do I need to pay for Regpack all year if I don’t need it all year?

Nope! Our pricing is month to month and you do not have to sign an annual contract. This means you can use and pay for the system only when you need it.

Is your pricing based per applicant?

Our pricing is based per admin, not per applicant like many other online conference management software solutions on the market. This means for our starter price, you’d pay $89 a month PER admin.

Your pricing says per admin up to a certain number of applicants. What counts as an applicant?

The per admin price you pay is dependent on the number of applicants you have. This doesn’t mean the total number of applicants you have had register, meaning your price won’t increase every year as you add more applicants to your database. You get to choose who is considered an applicant.

Can I archive applicants in my project?

Yes! Once you are done working with an applicant or your conference is over, you can archive them, similar to archiving an email in Gmail. Archiving an applicant puts them in the background and doesn’t count towards your total applicants, so you don’t pay for them but you can still access their data, email, run reports, reactivate them, etc.

Can I give my staff/colleagues access to the admin console?

Yes. Admins can be added at any time allowing a person to access, view and edit registration in the admin console. Permissions can be added to an admin limiting who and what they can see as well as what they can do when logged in to the admin console. This includes type of applicant, what they purchased, their ticket sale, checking people in, editing payment details and much more. Part time admins have edit privileges at just $1/hour. Guest admins are free with view only privileges.

Can I refund applicants?

Yes! Full or partial refunds can be executed by an admin via the admin console.

Can I offer discounts to applicants?

Yes, we can automate discounts based on type of orders, quantity of order,  a code, number of people registering in a group and more. An admin can also add a unique discount to an applicant, which will automatically adjust their balance.

Can I get a specific link for a discount code, so it can be sent to a group of people?

You can create specific discount codes (ex. SAVE25). It’s the responsibility of the admin to communicate that to applicants and applicants would have to input the code to receive the discount. If the applicant already exists in your project, the code can then be emailed to your applicants using our Message Management tool.

Do I have to process payments through Regpack?

No! A Regpack can be set up to only gather information and not process payments. You can manage payments however makes sense for you. If you use a 3rd party, you can add payments in manually through the admin console. (Check out this post about integrated payment systems).

Do I have to process electronic payments through Regpack?

No, but you may may want to if looking to streamline the process for you and your applicants. Otherwise, we can display your payment instructions for applicants to know where to go and pay. Then you can manually enter the payment into the admin console. For example, if you receive a check in the mail, an admin can add this payment manually to the applicant, and the applicants balance will reflect this payment. You can even send out a message to the applicant letting them know payment was received and applied, with their updated balance.

What forms of payments can I accept?

If you are processing electronic payments with Regpack, applicants can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and ACH/E-Checks.

How quickly can I be paid out?

You can be paid out daily, weekly, semi monthly or monthly.

How do I receive payments?

Payment can be sent via ACH direct deposit, wire or a mailed check.

Can I offer auto bill plans to my applicants?

We offer the ability to set up auto bill plans so your applicants can pay something now and have the project automatically charge them in the future. The admin would decide if auto bill is enabled, how many auto bill plans to present, which plans to present,  when the payments are due and how much. This completely automates the process for you and for them.

Ticketing and Check-In

Are you a ticketing system?

We are not a ticketing system. We are an online conference management and registration software, allowing you to create a lean or robust registration experience. Email confirmations can be sent to applicants summarizing their registration, which can act as an alternative to a ticket. In a ticketing system, the specific focus is on speed and volume, limiting your registration capabilities.

Can I check-in applicants?

Yes. An admin can check in an applicant or enable an applicant to check in themselves. This can be done on a computer, table or mobile device.

Do you have an app for check in?

We do not have an app. Regpack is mobile optimized allowing an applicant to register and check in on a mobile optimized version of Regpack. Applicants can arrive at your event, log in to their account and check in from a computer, table or mobile device. For the admin console, you can also use a browser and the interface is similar to a PC, which allow admins to check in applicants as well.

Do you support barcodes or QR codes?

We do not support the creation of barcodes or QR codes at this time. See above about ticketing systems.

Do you offer badge printing?

We do not offer badge printing. In Regpack you can easily create reports that will allow you to export the information necessary for badge printing.  You can then use the reports to create badges through Microsoft office or other similar programs.

Is there a dashboard that shows ticket sales and check ins?

The admin console does let you see your total orders or per type of order in real time. The scheduler feature lets you see who has checked in or not per event which can then be included in reports.

Can I add complimentary applicants or applicants that didn’t register and pay through Regpack?

Yes. An admin can create an applicant via the admin console, even enter payments received offline for reporting purposes.

What information can be pulled in a data extraction during registration and after an event? Can you add additional questions that applicants must answer during the registration process?

Any information captured about the applicant, including their order,  can be pulled into an Excel and/or PDF. Regpack allows every client the option to decide how much information to collect from their applicants. This includes answers to questions, uploads, signatures, orders, and payment.

Email and Communication

Who can I email? Is there an extra cost?

Regpack allows you to email all of your applicants or target a specific audience, at no extra cost. Our filter will make this easy such as finding those who have a balance. There is no additional cost for sending emails from your admin console.

Can the system send automated emails?

Yes. The Regpack system can send an automatic email confirmation after registering or making a payment. The email can include any details captured during registration.

Can I get a copy of each email as orders come through?

Yes. Admins can request that an email be sent to the applicant and/or admin whenever needed, including when a purchase is made.

When an applicant responds to an email, where will the response go?

The response will go back to your email account. The system logs all communication sent in the admin console for historical purposes.

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Asaf, Founder and CEO of Regpack, has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Asaf has built 3 successful companies to date, all with an exit plan or that have stayed in profitability and are still functional. Asaf specializes in product development for the web, team building and in bringing a company from concept to an actualized unit that is profitable.

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