Summer Camp Social Media Marketing and Your Brand

In this day and age, running a business without some kind of online presence is almost unheard of. Everyone is online, whether they just have a website or an entire social media plan and team. For camps, working with tech savvy parents and today’s youth makes it next to impossible for you to exist without some sort of summer camp social media marketing strategy (there’s a great summer camp social media q&a post here).

While we’ll address in another post social media and parents and counselor-camper policies, here we’ll go over a few ways to implement a social media strategy for your camp.

Summer Camp Social Media Marketing and Your Brand

First and foremost, your social media presence is a part of your brand, so keep that in mind whenever you post something. The picture you create through videos, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter pages and the content you put out there is an extension of you and your image. Don’t forget small tasks you might otherwise forget, like using the same logo and color scheme throughout all of your online profiles.



A social media strategy should first start with how to use social media as a marketing tool. Facebook and Youtube play a huge role in your social media marketing efforts since these sites become a window into your camp for both parents and campers. Videos of activities, performances or ceremonies at camp can get campers excited while giving parents an idea of what their children will experience while in your care.

Facebook offers a great way to post blog updates, link articles about your camp or that you think are relevant for parents and campers to read, as well as, and most importantly, show pictures from camp! Use a Facebook page to generate interest in your camp as well as gear up your campers for the upcoming session. Facebook and Twitter have also become a way for businesses to network by re-tweeting or sharing your Facebook posts to friends and relatives who might not otherwise have heard of you. Marketing your camp on Instagram is also a great and effective idea for camps!



While social media is great for marketing and branding, it is most useful as a way to communicate with parents and campers. If it’s your policy to allow friendships between campers and counselors, Facebook and Twitter can become a great place to continue relationships and the learning that began at camp. It also becomes a safe space for campers and parents alike to communicate with each other and also you directly!

Thinking of introducing a new program to camp this summer? Post it online, invite your community to share their opinions and get great feedback while maintaining a positive and useful connection with those who matter most — your clients!


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