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Manage your event easily including break-out session selection, reporting per attendee and enterprise reporting tools.

Regpack is a rock solid piece of technology!

The biggest benefit is the relatively simple and efficient way to not only provide a professional point of entry for our conference attendees, but for us as an organization to capture large amounts of data, and to organize it in a way that is immediately useful for our company. Rick Recht Founder and Executive Director, SLBC

In short, all the GREAT COMMENTS you read about Regpack are TRUE!

OUTSTANDING support and service from Regpack staff. Super EASY for attendees to register. Gave us the EXACT DATA we needed to plan and prepare for our event. Quick process to contact attendees with important info. Will definitely use again for our next event. Cindy Thompson Crew Planning Team

Way more than just an event management system!

As outlined on the Regpack website, the platform is very affordable, especially compared to other solutions out there. By selecting Regpack, we saved a ton of money on annual fees and upfront development costs. Nick Gonzales Marketing and Outreach Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Regpack folks walk their talk.

A lot of services *say* they're customer-service-oriented, and I'm sure most at least *want to be*. From the front end sales guys to our Project Manager to the actual support team, the Regpack folks walk their talk. CELIA COOKSEY Summer Programs Director, Spartanburg Day School