Integrated Background Checks

Makes applicant and volunteer screening simple!

regpack background check for staff volunteers

We have integrated API with NCISafe and Verified Volunteers to provide background checks for organizations to easily screen volunteers before any event.

This partnership and integration makes registration easy since it centralizes background checks within your process.

Details entered by volunteers during registration are sent directly to the verifier.

They then run the background checks and push the results back into Regpack.

No extra steps for you! Plus, all of your information is in one place!

"In order to have that great camp experience, you want a flawless system."
We want parents thinking, “Oh wow, Kee Tov has it together”. From the minute that they are interested, we want everything running smoothly. Regpack is more or less that foot in the door, it’s the first thing parents see when they’re getting into camp, so it better be good.
Zach Landres-Schnur
Camp Director