File Uploads

Allow applicants to easily upload any file at any point during the application to make registration easy and centralized.

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Upload Any File

right inside the registration process.

When creating forms for your applicants to fill out, easily add a file upload widget right onto the form. This makes it easy to receive all the documents you need, without the applicant having to send it separately (and forgetting) after they complete your forms.

Regpack’s system can upload many file types, including PDF, Doc, MP3, AVI, etc, up to 10mb.

This is great for doctor forms, signed documents that cannot be e-signed, or really any piece of paper, image, or file that you would like included in the applicant’s application.

Regpack is the simplest, most affordable and effective option we've found.

I have been recommending Regpack to all who ask about possible online registration and payment solutions. It is the simplest, most affordable and effective option we have found!
avatar Kevin Brenner Academic Dean at Canterbury