Have users register and pay on your website,

with just one line of code!

Embed your registration form on your website easily with Regpack.

Are you tired of redirecting potential customers, attendees, or participants to third-party registration platforms? Regpack’s embed option brings the entire registration process right to your website, enhancing the user experience, boosting conversion rates, and maintaining consistent branding.

The Conversion Boost You Need

Did you know that integrating your registration process on your website can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 27%? Say goodbye to lost opportunities when users are redirected elsewhere. Keep them engaged on your site and streamline the registration process with Regpack.

Embed Forms are a Breeze

Putting your online sign-up form on your website has never been easier. With just one line of HTML code, you can have a seamless registration and payment experience directly on your webpage. No more juggling between external platforms and losing potential customers in the process.

Consistent Branding and Design Elements

Regpack empowers you to ensure that your entire form blends seamlessly with your brand. You can adjust widget placement and font size for readability, fine-tune your submit button’s appearance, integrate your logo directly, harmonize colors with your brand palette, and even implement custom CSS for precision branding. By providing these extensive customization options, Regpack ensures that you can maintain a consistent brand image and create a registration experience that leaves a memorable impression on your participants.

Tailor-Made Templates

Don’t have the time or expertise to build your registration web forms? No problem! Regpack’s Project Managers are here to assist. We offer a wide range of registration form templates that allow you to craft a customized registration and payment experience directly on your website. Plus, creating new projects in Regpack is absolutely free! Create as many new forms as you need!

Register New Subscribers and Users on Any Device

Worried about compatibility? Regpack’s embedded forms work flawlessly on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and laptops, even if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Ensure that your registration process caters to a diverse audience.

Versatile Applications

From conferences and classes to camps, events, programs, and activities, Regpack simplifies the registration process for any type of business or organization. Copy and paste our iFrame code onto your web page and start registering people quickly and efficiently.


Unique Features of Regpack’s Embeddable Forms

Conditional Logic: Create Dynamic Forms

Picture this: You want your registration process to be as smooth and tailored as possible. Regpack’s unique form editor and conditional logic feature empower you to do just that. With this capability, your registration, payment, or contact forms adapt in real time based on user responses, providing changes to questions based on user answers. It’s like having a personal assistant for your registration process.

Whether you’re managing registrations for an educational institution, organizing events, or running a camp, conditional logic can significantly enhance your form’s efficiency and user experience. No matter the form type, conditional logic empowers you to create dynamic, tailored experiences that suit your unique needs and those of your registrants.

Payment Processing: Simplify Fee Collection

The process of collecting fees and payments can often be a logistical headache. With Regpack, you can say goodbye to those complications. Our platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of payment gateways, making fee collection as easy as a few clicks.

Imagine offering your registrants the convenience of paying with their preferred method, whether it’s credit cards, PayPal, or other online payment systems. It’s all handled effortlessly through your registration and payment forms. Plus, Regpack ensures that all financial transactions are secure, giving you and your participants peace of mind.

Multi-Session Forms: Enhance User Experience

Complex registration forms can be overwhelming for your users. That’s where multi-session forms come in. Regpack allows you to break the registration process into manageable steps. Instead of bombarding your users with a lengthy form, they’ll complete it in stages, making the experience smooth and stress-free.

Registrants can save their progress and return later, ensuring they have ample time to gather necessary information. Collect contact information, personal information, applications, payments and more all in one place! This convenience increases the chances of registrants completing the process, and it also minimizes errors or missed fields. Ultimately, multi-session forms enhance the user experience and boost your registration numbers.

Automated Communication: Keep Participants Informed

Communication is key when managing conferences, classes, camps, events, or programs. Regpack understands this, which is why we’ve incorporated powerful automated communication features into our platform. With Regpack, you can send out confirmation emails, reminders, and follow-ups effortlessly.

Imagine not having to manually send out dozens or even hundreds of individual emails. Instead, you set up automated triggers, and Regpack takes care of the rest. This ensures that participants are always well-informed, deadlines are met, and important details are never overlooked. It’s a time-saving, stress-reducing feature that allows you to focus on what truly matters.

Analytics and Reporting: Gain Valuable Insights

In the world of registration management, data is your compass. Regpack’s reporting tools are your map to understanding your registrants better. You can gain valuable insights into registration data and participant demographics, helping you make informed decisions.

These tools allow you to track registration trends, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your offerings to meet your audience’s needs. Plus, having access to robust analytics makes reporting to stakeholders a breeze. With Regpack, you’re not just collecting data; you’re unlocking the power to optimize your operations and grow your business or organization.


Why Regpack?

When it comes to simplifying online registration and payments while maintaining your brand’s identity, Regpack is the ideal choice. Boost conversions, enhance user experience, and streamline your registration process with Regpack’s embeddable form feature. Whether you have a WordPress site, a custom site, or are on another platform, you can embed forms with just one line of embed code. Talk to our team to learn more!


Request a demo today to see how Regpack can transform your registration process and drive results with embeddable forms.


Getting started with Regpack is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

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User friendly and so helpful!
It is awesome to have an online registration system that can be so easily modified to fit our every need. From the initial inquiry phone call all the way to final training call, the customer service was kind, thorough and very helpful. I highly recommend Regpack!
Stephani Pretti
Children's and Student Ministry Pastor, Christ's Church of Flagstaff