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Ask any question, in any format, with any design. Simply drag fields into the form, and you’ll have styled, formatted, and coded forms with all the bells and whistles, just like that!

Our online form builder allows you to collect relevant information on your website for registrations, payments, programs, events, activities and even allows your guests to access and complete forms seamlessly.

Online forms are a great way to cluster information together in a meaningful way, so you can get the information you need, fast. Regpack is built on the idea of forms. Everything in the system is a form, just like your paper forms, but with all the flexibility and power of a web application.

With our online registration form creator, you can create any form, ask any question, in any format, with any design. Simply drag content fields into the form, and you’ll have styled, formatted, and coded forms with all the bells and whistles, just like that! Once you create a form, you’ve created a database! The information your applicant enters can be searched and filtered, statistics can be generated, and reports created.

Built-in widgets and field types enable you to create complex form elements with a single click. Ready-made clusters enable you to create repeating sections quickly and enjoy the accumulated knowledge of your organization. You don’t need to know how to code or understand any programming language. All you need to know is what you want to ask your applicants, guests, or third parties.

Form Creator Features Intuitive – drag and drop interface. Accurate – Mandatory fields will always be completed. Data validation – numbers will be numbers, dates will be dates, and emails will be emails! Conditional logic – ask only the questions that are relevant to the applicant, guest, or third party. The conditional logic engine ensures that respondents will only be fed further questions based on their answers, which means more completed applications! 

Great styles – style your forms the way you want and create consistency throughout your organization. Single Person or Group Registration Streamline your registration process and payment collections.

What Data Can You Collect?

Forms enriched with conditional logic have the power to gather an array of crucial data points, ensuring that you obtain the most relevant information while maintaining an efficient and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re collecting contact information, full names, phone numbers, social media handles, payment details, or even Employment Insurance related data, conditional logic forms are your versatile tool for tailored data collection.

  • Contact Information: Conditional logic forms can dynamically adapt to gather essential contact details, such as email addresses, physical addresses, and preferred communication methods, ensuring that your outreach remains personalized and effective.
  • Full Name: Collecting names can be more than just first and last. These forms allow you to specify the level of detail you need, be it first name, middle name, last name, or even titles and suffixes.
  • Phone Number: With conditional logic, you can prompt users to enter their phone numbers only when necessary, streamlining the process and reducing unnecessary data entry.
  • Social Media: For businesses seeking to connect with customers or clients on social platforms, conditional forms can request social media handles or profiles, facilitating online engagement.
  • Payments: Conditional logic forms excel in collecting payment information, allowing users to provide payment details securely when making purchases or donations.

Collect Payments Online with Custom Forms Regpack makes it easy to collect payments on your website. Create a custom payment form and embed it directly on your website to begin collecting payments fast! Allow your guests or third parties to make secure online payments.

Our back-end portal allows you and your team to run comprehensive payment reporting, and include any information you’ve gathered on your online form to add to your report. Accountants and third-party partners love it!

Real-Time Data & Insights

Customizable forms are the key to unlocking deeper insights into your business operations. By tailoring forms to your specific needs for registration, applications, and payments, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your clientele and financial transactions. These forms empower you to collect precisely the data you require, track key metrics, and streamline the entire process. This level of customization not only enhances efficiency but also enables data-driven decision-making, ultimately propelling your business toward greater success.


Custom forms are essential tools that cater to the specific needs of various business types, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences. Let’s explore why custom forms are indispensable for businesses, including those dealing with event registration, staff applications, international applications, attendee tracking, and schedule generation.

  1. Event Registration Form: Hosting events, whether they’re conferences, workshops, or webinars, demands precision in gathering attendee information. Custom event registration forms allow you to collect attendee details tailored to your event’s unique requirements. This ensures a smooth registration process, accurate headcounts, and targeted communication with participants.
  2. Staff Applications: When recruiting top talent for your organization, customized staff application forms are your gateway to finding the right fit. These forms can be designed to capture specific qualifications, skills, and experiences, enabling you to identify the best candidates quickly and efficiently.
  3. International Applications: Businesses with a global reach often face unique challenges when dealing with international applicants or customers. Customized international application forms can include language preferences, timezone selections, and currency options to accommodate a diverse audience. This fosters inclusivity and facilitates smoother interactions on a global scale.
  4. Attendee Tracking: Tracking attendance and participation is crucial for event organizers, educators, and businesses offering training programs. Custom forms can include features like QR code check-ins, session evaluations, and post-event surveys to gauge attendee engagement and improve future offerings.
  5. Schedule Generator: For businesses that rely on scheduling, such as healthcare facilities or educational institutions, custom schedule generator forms streamline the process. These forms allow administrators to create personalized schedules for employees, students, or patients, ensuring efficient resource allocation and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Regpack – Your Online Form Creator

We don’t just provide registration form templates; we allow you to customize exactly what you need on your website, with your branding! No more manual organization on Google Sheets – create and track a form right on your website! Your users, guests, or third parties can quickly and easily register, pay, and provide all relevant information so that your business can operate more efficiently. Even use our built-in communication tools to send registration confirmation emails! Our all-in-one platform will help your business with the entire registration process from building the forms to improving enrollment and customer satisfaction.


Reach out to our customer service team for more information on Regpack and our customizable form creator, or share access with your third-party collaborators. Or, explore more below!


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Professional Form Builder
The biggest benefit is the relatively simple and efficient way to not only provide a professional point of entry for our conference attendees, but for us as an organization to capture large amounts of data, and to organize it in a way that is immediately useful for our company.
Rick Recht
Founder and Executive Director