Gather feedback from your clients

and gain valuable insights into how to improve and grow!

online survey tool to gather feedback after events and programs

We don’t stop at registration. Regpack is the perfect online survey tool that lets you quickly send out feedback forms through to the system to applicants.

The great thing about using your registration software as a survey platform? Your data stays centralized. You can filter and run the same reports on your survey data, just as you would for your application data.

Results from a survey are just as important as the data you receive during the application process.

Collect Results from Your Online Survey Fast

Asking for survey feedback from applicants online is a great alternative to sending out paper evaluations at your program or event. You will have a higher response rate and get a big picture of your data instantly.

Understanding your data is key to making great marketing decisions, understanding your applicants, and making positive changes to your business based on feedback.

Need ideas on how to use our survey tool?

You can use Regpack for:

  • Online Polls
  • Post-Event Surveys
  • Post Class Surveys
  • Course Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • And more!

Compare Regpack to Google Forms too!

"We saved a ton of money on annual fees and upfront development costs."
Not only can Regpack help you coordinate your event registration needs, but it also allows you to manage and track individual customers, create personalized email communications, set up individualized user login portals, generate data reports and build internal workflows, such as permission levels and status tracking.
Nick Gonzales
Marketing and Outreach Manager