Manage signed waivers

and streamline the waiver signup process.

online waiver _ custom online waiver on your website

Online Digital Waiver

Quickly create a digital waiver for your website or to use internally.

The form or forms can be customized to reflect the consent you require, using your own legal language.

The electronic signature widget will legally collect the consent you need to complete the waiver.

Create an Online Waiver

Regpack makes it easy with a digital waiver template you can customize to fit your needs.

The template allows you to change and add questions, language, and will collect any data point you need including names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and more.

Bonus: you don’t just get a list of people who signed your online waiver, you have an entire database to manage contacts, including custom reporting, integrated payments, and more.

Collect Online Waivers from a Computer

Whether you want to collect electronic waivers within your main application process, or make it a separate and independent unit, Regpack can ensure you get your waivers reviewed and signed before your participants attend your events and programs.

Great Regpack Experience!
We switched to Regpack because our old registration system did not have much of the functionality we needed--communication logging, conditional logic during registration, and an easy to use interface. Regpack has delivered on that and then some.
Mary Morris