Regpack FAQ
Common Questions
Background Check Integration User Information Porting (Forms Filled Out Automatically by Transferring From Original Project) Billing Cycle Terms How to request assistance building a project What does the Collaborator Admin have access to? What does the Financial Admin have access to? API Terms of Service Regpack Service Agreement and Data Processing Agreement Can I attach files, PDF’s to an email? Why aren’t my products visible? Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Settings Regpack Security FAQ How to Transfer User Carts WePay Common Questions Why should I use Regpack to collect donations and manage donors? How to cancel an authorized payment How can I lower my processing fees using a service fee? How do I update my existing project for Group Pay? What adjustments should I make to my project to go virtual or support COVID-19 restrictions? I revoked the access of an admin but they can still login How to view or add files to a users form [Upload Files] How do I copy elements of my project (Forms, Emails, Autobill Plans, Products, Reports) How to Manage Time Slots and Quotas using Sessions How to remove a test user in your system How to move applicants from one project to another Removing Products from a User Cart What do I do when an attendee cancels or drops out? How do I add my logo to my registration page? How do I delete a project? How to Prorate a Session How to change a user’s order How to change your project How to stop a future payment How do I charge a user for a one-time charge?