New Customer Registration Template

New Customer Registration Template

Onboard new customers through a customized customer registration template, with integrated payments built in.

Easily capture the information you need for new customers, including electronic signatures, customized onboarding, integrated payments, and customer reporting tools. Payments can include one-time and recurring fees for your business, charged automatically. Enjoy financial forecasting and reporting tools in addition.

When onboarding new customers, it’s important to collect and store the data you need for:

  • Billing
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Upselling

Key to business growth comes with customizing the customer registration process, so you can collect the data you need, and nothing more. Embed your customer registration right onto your website for cohesiveness and branding, and tailor the customer registration experience and increase the trust customers have with your business.

Enter your information and see how the system: sends you an email when you register, automatically adds discounts based on your orders, and the variety of payment options at checkout!

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