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Comprehensive Registration Platform

Your questions, your rules, your process.

From file and document uploads to group registration, we handle it all!  No one likes filling out forms, your applicants don’t like it, even we don’t like it. That’s why you want to get the right information the first time around. Regpack is built with exactly that in mind. With Regpack you can easily build a smart registration process that presents the user with the correct forms at the right time.

After sharing our application needs with Regpack, we were met with great enthusiasm and an excellent development team. This application will allow easy access to anyone wanting to join one of our mission teams and streamline our efforts to compile the necessary data to facilitate a successful mission trip. At any point that we ran into a problem, the Regpack team was right there to help us solve the issue.
avatar Denise Landrum,
Ministry Coordinator


  • File & Document Uploads
    Allow participants to easily upload any file or document at any point during the application to make registration easy and centralized.
  • Conditional Logic
    Regpack creates an individualized registration process on the fly as your applicants are filling out your forms.
  • Group Registration
    Making registration quick and easy is essential, especially for groups or families. Group registration allows one person to register multiple people for your trip quickly.
  • e-Signing Made Easy
    Make signing legal documents easy with eSign built right into the application.
  • Form Builder
    You can create any form, ask any question, in any format, with any design. Simply drag fields into the form and you’ll have styled, formatted, and coded forms with all the bells and whistles, just like that!
  • Automated Communication
    Regpack's automatic communication system is built directly into the system, allowing you to filter the participants you wish to communicate with as well as update certain applicants as you make changes and updates to your projects.
  • Scheduler & Check-In
    Schedule multiple activities for participants to sign-up for. Easily filter by schedule, location and more to manage your data effectively. You can even check people in from a mobile device.
  • Discounts and Coupon Codes
    Regpack is a marketing tool too! Allow participants to enter a discount code that will automatically adjust their balance due. Track which marketing campaigns are working based on the coupon codes are used most.
  • Surveys
    We don’t stop at registration. Create a survey and quickly send it out through to the system to participants to gather feedback after your trip.
  • Multiple Projects
    Create multiple projects for all your business needs.

Right on your website.

Regpack embeds onto YOUR website and YOUR branding.

Embed your process onto your site, with your branding.  Most registration software companies redirect your applicants away from your website to complete the application process. Not with Regpack. Our technology embeds directly onto your website, so you can keep your branding and your URL. Data shows that 27% of applicants might leave the registration process when they are redirected to another website. Don’t let this happen to you!

I haven’t experienced a system that is as seamless to integrate, that is as robust, as what Regpack offers.
avatar Daniel Sourani,
Coordinator of Diller Teen Fellows
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  • Seamless Across Multiple Devices
    Regpack functions on any device you can imagine - mobile, desktop, tablet and more. Participants can quickly register no matter what technology they are using.
  • Rock Solid Cloud Security
    Regpack is PCI-2 compliant and Regpack servers are SSL 256 bit enabled.
  • Invisible Back-Ups
    Regpack seamlessly backs up all of your data periodically so you don’t have to worry about losing data or not having the latest information available for each one of your participants.
  • Free Automatic Updates
    We are constantly working to make Regpack better. This means anytime we develop a new feature, we automatically update it to all clients, for free.
  • Built by Registrars, For Registrars
    At Regpack, we listen. We have developed Regpack to be as successful as it is based on feedback from clients on what functionality they really need. If you need it, we can build it.
  • Not a programmer? No problem!
    Using Regpack requires no technical experience. Our backend is intuitive and easy for admins to use. Coupled with our amazing support, you’ll be registering in no time!
  • Embed Regpack with just 1 line of code!
    Embedding Regpack onto your website requires just 1 line of code. It’s simple and seamless!

Integrated Payments & Autobilling

Charge applicants in any payment method, in any currency, 24/7.

Integrated payment processing. Charge applicants, send invoices, offer payment plans, and more from inside your registration. Regpack fully integrates the registration and payment process together seamlessly for an easy to use experience for your customers and a simple solution to payment headaches for you.

I am able to keep track of payments and client issues using this system. I recommend Regpack for any business to help streamline processes for registrations and accepting payments.
avatar Nina Reed,
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  • Purchase Protection
    Regpack Purchase Protection is an optional add-on for applicants to protect their investment in your event or program by reimbursing them if they have to cancel their plans with you.
  • Autobilling & Payment Plans
    Regpack’s autobilling system gives you the control of how and when payments are made and makes sure your participants comply. All you need to do is set parameters for the automatic payments, create payment plans and schedules, and Regpack will do the rest!
  • Scholarships
    Use the system to offer, manage and track scholarships for participants. Use our reporting tools to track financials associated with program fees and scholarships. Use our payment tools to log grants received.
  • Processing as Low as 1.5%
    Integrated payment processing starts at just 1.5%. Accept secure payments 24/7 right on your website.
  • Multiple Payment Methods, In Any Currency
    Participants can pay by credit card, e-Check, send cash or a check. Charge in any currency and receive the money in the currency you want.
  • Save Payment Information
    Allow applicants to save their payment information for easy automatic billing and scheduled payments.
  • Payment Security
    Regpack is PCI-2 compliant and Regpack servers are SSL 256 bit enabled.
  • Payments Happen on Your Site
    We don’t redirect your applicants to a 3rd party payment site. Payments happen within the registration process, right on your website.

Access your data from anywhere!

Registration automation tools that will save you time!

Cloud hosting so your data can be viewed and exported from anywhere, and any device.  The Regpack system allows you to expertly gather, view, filter and export your data so you can spend less time in a heap of paperwork and more time managing your projects. With the Regpack management tools you will have time to focus on your vision and on what matters most.

Regpack has saved our staff time and money. Additionally, by adopting Regpack’s automation tools, we have reduced admin user error.
avatar Nick Gonzales,
Marketing and Outreach Manager


  • Travel with your data!
    With Regpack you can access all the information on all of your participants whenever, wherever and from whatever device you use.
  • Custom Approval Process
    Create saved filters, add admin forms and statuses to manage applicants with staff, to easily run important reports throughout your registration season and work smarter. Set triggered emails to clients, and much more!
  • Reporting & Intineraries
    Regpack gives you the tools to export and share it with team members, suppliers, and other applications. Easily create transportation itineraries or other essential reports to keep your tour running smoothly!
  • Filtering
    Regpack gives you the power to filter your applicants information in any way you could ever want or need.
  • Personal Support
    A project manager will help you set-up your system, including training and amazing support.
  • Statistics
    Regpack enables you to generate statistics for whatever data you want. You can even run statistics on filters you created.
  • Data Porting
    Easily port over your data from a previous system into a new project, and save even more time!
  • Registration Templates
    Regpack makes creating new registration projects easy. With a 1-click "Create New Project" button, can you easily copy an existing registration project, or create a new one.