Changes to Regpack’s Billing and Payment System

Regpack is all about giving you the tools and the power you need to accomplish your tasks quickly and easily. As part of that effort, we have just rolled out our new billing and payment system! This system enables you to control which administrators are part of your organization, what their access level is and based on that, what you are charged. From now on Regpack only charges per administrator and not per project or per applicant. We hope with this change you will be able to better use the power of Regpack for all your registration and application needs.


Billing and Payment System Updates: 3 Admin Levels

Regpack now offers three levels of billing for administrators which will allow you to control your costs and find the balance that works for your specific organization.

If you would like to learn more about Regpack’s pricing, please go to our pricing page at: Below we’ve outlined the terms associated with our new system.


Administrator Levels and Charges

Full-time Administrators

Full-time administrators can edit user information, create reports, setup emails and beyond. These administrators are charged monthly and have unlimited access to the system. Every administrator can be connected to as many projects as you like and they will always have access to our support team when and should they need it.

Part-time Administrators

Part-time administrators are just like full time administrators with one small difference – they are charged by the hour. This means that for every hour they are working with the system, there will be a charge of $1. This is great solution for your organization if you have staff who need to perform tasks within the system, but only from time to time. For example, the accountant who needs to go in once a day/week/month to generate an income report. C level executives are a perfect match for this option. With this option, you can use Regpack’s system to its fullest potential while at the same time cut your costs.

Guest Administrators

Guest administrators can access the system at any time and at no cost and there is no limit to how many guest admins you can have. What makes guests different than full-time admins is they cannot edit any data. They are only allowed to view data in the system. This is a great permissions tool and is a perfect way to share your information both inside and outside of your organization. This ability together with the power to limit which users each administrator can see makes Regpack the ultimate collaboration tool for every business!

In order to set your admin types through the Regpack administration system follow the simple step-by-step below:

1. Go to

2. Login with your email and password.

3. Under the Settings tab you will see an option “Admin management”. Click that.

4. Now you can see all your administrators. By clicking the pen next to their name you can set their admin status to either: a full-time administrator, part-time administrator or guest administrator.


Please set this up no later than October 24th. After October 24, your selection will be fixed and you will be charged accordingly.

You will have between October 25th to October 30th to make your payment through the system.* 

You will be prompted to complete this payment when you login to the system. You can pay with a credit card or eCheck (American bank accounts only).

*Please note that if you do not close your balance by Oct 30th, all your administrators will be downgraded to guest administrators.

If you have any comments, ideas, or questions, we always want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to your account managers at


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