How to Write a Perfect Registration Follow Up Email

We’ve written just a few blog posts about how to communicate effectively with your clients (here, here and here) but we haven’t really gotten to the meat of things…what you ACTUALLY say in an email to a client when they complete (or don’t) an action during your registration process. But what about writing a follow up registration email to users to get them moving?

But actually sitting down to write the text of a registration email can be a bit daunting. What guidelines should you keep in mind as you compose your message?remind

In this first post in our “How-To” series on writing automated emails for your registration process, we are going to spotlight post registration emails, follow up registration emails and the steps you should follow when composing one. Check out more “how to” posts on how to write an incomplete application email and how to write a payment acknowledgement email here. There are tons of deadline email templates and deadline reminder emails out there but we hope this post will be more specific and relevant to those using online registration software specifically! 

An Example of a BAD Registration Email

bad email

First, let’s take a look at an example of a BAD email and then we’ll look at why it’s bad, then apply those concepts to an awesomely put together email.

Bonus! Feel free to use our email as a template and use it for yourself!

So at first glance you might be thinking, this is a pretty okay email. It is short and to the point, which is a definitely #1 on our list of boxes to tick when you’re composing your message. People don’t have time to read long, lengthy messages so you need to get to your point in the first line. This email does that since the first line alerts the reader that registration has been achieved.

But it is missing some key information that would take this email up a notch and make it more functional.

  • In the first paragraph, the reader is invited to log in to the registration website and view their dashboard. However no link is provided. Most people will know how to find your website and then your registration dashboard link, however the key to a functional email is giving a user an action to complete and providing the easiest route to doing it. In this case, a direct link to their dashboard to log in and get busy.
  • Also in the first paragraph, while the point of the email is clear (confirmation of registration) the rest of the email contains more information that is important and yet there is nothing drawing the reader to read the rest. If you don’t engage them for the whole message, they will miss your call to share your camp with others on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • A key point that every post registration email should include is mentioned – sharing the program/organization with others. Except, in the case of this email, while it’s mentioned here, like we said above, there is nothing drawing the reader to even read this paragraph and even if they do, there are no links for the reader to click and share easily. This is a great place to include links to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media profiles so people can visit you in social media land, like/follow you and begin sharing the posts you are putting out there with their circles.
  • Lastly, the email ends with a call for questions and an opening to be in touch. While someone can reply to this email, there is no other way to “contact” Johnny Appleseed. The closing of your email should include all of the methods to contact you directly. Your email, phone number, Twitter handle, etc. Never make someone search for that information, it should always be up front and in their face so they can just click and go.

Now that we analyzed what is “wrong” with this message, let’s take look at a new draft of the email below.

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Examples of a GREAT Registration Email

good email

So What is so great about this email?

  • The messaging is succinct and informative. It’s letting the parent’s/applicants know the next steps in the process.
  • The message is personalized. With a registration backend that allows you to automate your emails, you can filter in the name of the parent as well as the name of the child they have registered making the email more personal and tailored to the reader.
  • The message includes several types of contact information within the body of the email, as well as links to social media pages so the reader can click and share easily. The reader can also SEE that you want them to share the word and connect on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The email contains lots of links!!! Anytime an action may be required or suggested, there is a link to accompany the action. A link to the dashboard, social media pages, the website homepage as well as the specific page on the website for registration and more camp information. With all of these links, there shouldn’t be a reason for the reader to see something they can do, for example view their dashboard, and have to hit “reply” to ask how to get there. The email provides everything they need.

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Another GREAT Follow Up Registration Email

Here’s another great example of a post registration email. The email follows the guidelines we discussed above. An added point for this email, it is written to an applicant attending a Jewish program. The email includes a few common Hebrew words which makes the email a bit more personal to the organization. You should always consider using phrases or words that will resonate with and are exclusive to your community.

Again, please feel free to use this email texts as a templates for your own post registration emails. Or copy and paste a sentence or phrase as it suits your needs.

Want some more great email template ideas? Download our FREE EBOOK full of email templates for every step in your registration process!

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