Set Up Payments Plans Easily

on Your Website

autobill _ Offer Payment Plans

Regpack’s software allows you to decide what kind of payment plans you are willing to extend to your participants, automatically aids users to manage their own payment plan while reminding them when payments are due.

All you need to do is set parameters for your online payment plans and Regpack will do the rest!

Online Payment Plans Offered on Your Website

Regpack’s integrated payment system gives you the control of how and when payments are made and makes sure your applicants comply.

Everyone has a different financial situation. While we want to enable all different kinds of people to experience the same project, sometimes giving an individual plan to everyone can get confusing and it just plain wastes your time. And of course, with everyone on a different plan, keeping up with individual payment due dates and balances can be a nightmare.

Flexible Payment Options

The more flexibility you offer, the happier users will be to pay you! Providing a seamless user experience and giving them options on how to pay, will net you a more steady cash flow and higher customer support ratings.

Regpack clients who have been using our automated billing system and payment plans have seen:

  • 75% decrease in non-payment!
  • 25% improvement in cash flow!
  • Increase payment rate by 35%
  • 35% conversion increase on applicants turning into paying clients!

Manage Customer Payments

Our account managers deal with payments every day. We know, based on experience, what kind of payment plan set-up’s work and which don’t. Our seasoned advice can help inform your registration process to make it effective and manageable for both you and your applicants. We help you set up payment plans for customers and build the parameters and settings that work best for your company and your applicants.

Whether you want to offer monthly payment plans to customers, a set amount of payments per service, staggered payments, or anything in between – Regpack gives you the tools to customize any payment plan for any service or offering.

We offer payment support as well, so when problems creep up, we’re there to squash them before they get out of control!

A payment plan solution is key to improving your cash flow!

Setting up payment plans for customers can help you manage your cash flow and plan for the future, and most importantly, increases trust between you and your registrants.

When you offer payment solutions to match varying needs, more people are more likely to invest because you show you have their best interests at heart. You are providing a service, and the flexibility to pay for that with payment plans that help make it accessible for them.

A professional checkout process on YOUR website further increases this trust factor – if they are trusting to do business with you, offer a way to pay on your website with your branding and logo. Keeping everything in your environment, or store front, lowers the barrier of entry when it comes to completed online payments.

Selling Virtual and In Person Products

Offer payment plans for any service type, including online courses, in person events, and educational programming like group trips, summer camp, after school programs, and enrichment activities.

With a variety of features including automated discounts, and conditional logic, Regpack allows you not only to customize the onboarding process, but offer payment plans that match the selections of your users in real time.

Accept Monthly Payments Online

If you need a simple solution to collect monthly payments online and on your website – Regpack’s customized payment form and reporting tools will make this a breeze.

From disorganized to organized in a few easy steps!
I am able to keep track of payments and client issues using this system. I recommend Regpack for any business to help streamline processes for registrations and accepting payments.
Nina Reed
Global Administration Manager and Registrar, Bali Institute for Global Renewal