Regpack’s automated billing system automates the payment process from start to finish with billing workflows.

Automate your billing process on your website!

Regpack clients who have been using our auto billing functionality have seen:

  • 75% decrease in non-payment!
  • 25% improvement in cash flow!
  • Increase payment rate by 35%
  • 35% conversion increase on applicants turning into paying clients!

Essential Payment Collection Features

send payment invoices online and get paid faster.

Invoice Creation

Record all payments and track amounts owed with our online invoicing solution. An invoicing software helps protect your business from lawsuits, maintain sale invoices to ensure proper taxes are paid, and analyze customer buying patterns.

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Process payments

Complete debit and credit card transactions on your website and quickly transfer to merchant accounts. Regpack payment processing expedites card transactions using a secure payment gateway to safely complete a sale.

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Payment Options

Our automated billing software allows you to accept different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payment options.

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Types of Billing

We make it easy to get paid, and easy for your clients to select a billing option that works best for them. Robust billing system so your business can offer different pricing models.

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Collect payments online securely with an automated billing software.

Secure Payment Collection

Regpack provides a PCI-2 compliant online payment form on your website so you don’t have to worry about processing payments securely on your website.

Automated billing securely calculates and charges your registrants exactly what they owe, on automated plans you set up and customize for them to choose from.

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Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your business on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis with a powerful reporting system. Review reports on revenue recognition, subscriptions, revenue leakage, and more.

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Customized registration and event reporting so you can visualize your data.
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Payment Reminders

Set automatic payment reminders and confirmations with a customizable library of forms. You can create custom pricing plans, retry payments, and offer coupons without worrying about the logistics.

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Automated Billing Schedules

Collect payments on your website on a schedule that gives your clients flexibility and gives you a reliable cash flow.

We make it easy to get paid, and easy for your clients to select a billing option that works best for them.

Our system will even calculate pro-rated products to ensure charging is accurate and clients are billed based on your business requirements.

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manage billing payment schedules with Regpack.

Regpack’s Custom Billing Automation

As a business owner, efficient billing processes are crucial for success. With our automated billing software, you gain the upper hand in project management for your small business. 

  • Create plans that pay off the entire order, or plans for selected products and services
  • Create private billing plans that only your team can access and add for clients
  • Control the payoff timeline including dates installments are due – the system will automatically generate dates and charge based on your settings
  • Allows for percentage based payment plans or specific amounts – your choice!
  • Deposits can be added into any plan, with installments calculated automatically once the deposit is paid

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and error-prone world of manual billing processes. With our automated billing software, you can transition from manual processes for streamlined and greater efficiency to process payments. Registration auto billing operations is an easy way to collect funds from applicants. Plus, it allows applicants to pay for products now and at set times and dates in the future.

Auto Billing will not only improve and increase your cash flow but also optimize your billing cycle. This enhancement in project management will improve customer satisfaction by allowing you to more accurately predict monthly payments, putting you in control of your business finances.

Robust product with lots of options!
Lots of different ways to set up your program with custom forms, payment plans, and automations. This software is great for a wide variety of use cases. The new interface on the back end is easy to use with a great search function. And the autobilling makes it really easy to make sure everyone is paid up.
Kevin Brenner
Academic Dean, Canterbury School

More Questions About Automated Billing Software?

What is the biggest benefit to an automated billing platform?

The best benefit for auto billing is for organizations with products or events and programs that are very costly.

Auto Billing allows applicants to pay for these easily with installments. Instead of managing manual billing or hoping applicants to remember to pay on their next due date, auto billing takes care of this for everyone, automatically!

Why is offering automated billing options essential for your business?

Automatic billing schedules give you a clear picture of your financials, while providing an optimal user experience for your clients.

When you offer registration and payments on your website, you will increase completed registrations and increase on-time payments. Offering them automated billing options that work for them will increase the likelihood they stick with you, and automated billing ensures they pay on time – so you don’t have to worry about when you’ll get paid and won’t waste time chasing down accounts receivables.

Why Should You Use Automated Billing Software?

Save Time

Our clients report an average of 60 hours saved a month when using our automated billing system.

Increase Cash Flow

All you need to do is set parameters for the automatic payments and Regpack will do the rest! Give your clients the freedom to pay some now, and the rest later.

Seamless Subscription Management

Create new pricing plans, add-ons and offer coupons without worrying about the logistics.

Never Let a Transaction Slip

Our Smart Dunning system lets you retry payments and recover lost money on autopilot. Don’t let an expired credit card or insufficient funds take a toll on payments.