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Performing Arts Software

Manage online registration, payments and event sign-ups all in one system.

Ideal for dance studios, performing arts camps, art education programs, performing arts after-school programs, acting academies, or music schools, Regpack's all-in-one performing arts administration software offers a suite of best practices to simplify your operations.

All-in-One Performing Arts School Software

Streamline performing arts registration

Perfect for performance arts organizations! Groups and families can now register and pay together seamlessly with this new feature. Regpack, a global leader in registration software, ensures that the registration process is efficient and hassle-free for cultural organizations and arts professionals in the performing arts industry.

Registration on YOUR website

Don't send applicants away. Keep everything in one place by embedding your performance arts booking software onto your website while maintaining your branding! Online registration can be a complex operation, but with Regpack, your registration can be a breeze.

Automate Billings

Integrated payment processing is a time-saving feature. Charge applicants, send invoices, set up automatic payment plans, and more from inside your registration system, meeting the needs of arts centers and cultural organizations.

Enrollment Made Easy

Schedule multiple classes for applicants to sign up for, whether it's dance, music, or theater. Easily filter by schedule, location, and more to manage your data effectively. You can even check students in from a mobile device, offering arts professionals a convenient solution.

Understand Your Data

Filter your data quickly and get the real-time data reports and insights you need to manage your classes and offerings. Rosters, attendance reports, and more provide valuable insights for arts centers and professionals in the performing arts industry.

Registration and Communication Tools

Send automatic or manual emails to your students and their families, waitlisted attendees, and more! Collect contact information such as emails and phone numbers of your registrants to keep them in the loop, following best practices for effective communication.

Group and Family Registration

Groups and families can register and pay together seamlessly. Automate discounts for multiple people and/or classes booked.

Waitlists and Quotas

Automatically create quotas for sessions so your classes don't overfill, maintaining the integrity of your arts programs. Waitlists ensure that if someone drops out, your class stays fully enrolled and paid for, meeting best practices in arts education.

Personal Support

A project manager will help you set up your management software so it aligns with your unique needs, catering to cultural organizations. Plus, with 1:1 training before you go live and an exceptional customer service team to answer your questions, you're in good hands!

Attendance Reporting

Easily filter your data and create any report you need, including attendance reporting. Regpack enables you to generate statistics for whatever data you want, making performing arts management a breeze, and aligning with best practices in arts education and administration.

Registration tools to power your business.

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When it comes to managing and charging clients for any business, Regpack will do it and blow your mind!

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Non-profit programs director Samantha loves using Regpack for fundraising and managing her programs.

OUTSTANDING support and service from Regpack!

Super EASY for attendees to register. Gave us the EXACT DATA we needed to plan and prepare for our event. Quick process to contact attendees with important info.

Cindy Thompson

CREW Workshop Planning Team

Non-profit programs director Samantha loves using Regpack for fundraising and managing her programs.
Customized web payment form on your website with Regpacks online payment software.

Regpack's registration software saved us!

It is a very intuitive and simple but yet powerful enough to handle an endless array of events we have on a yearly basis.

Juan Carlos Ramirez

Director, Events & Gatherings

Customized web payment form on your website with Regpacks online payment software.
Online payments software with the tools to place a customized payment form on your website.

Regpack has streamlined our online registration process.

Regpack has really elevated the way we work with our families. The fact that our data system and registration system helps us do that is really outstanding.

Celia Cooksey

Summer Programs Director

Online payments software with the tools to place a customized payment form on your website.
Training management software to manage online training registrations.

Best Registration Software Yet!

RegPacks is the only software I've used yet that does it all. Furthermore, their staff is incredibly helpful and quick to respond to our needs.

Daniel R.

Manager, The Emerging Sound

Training management software to manage online training registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with performing arts class registration software for my performing arts organization?

Getting started is easy! Schedule a demo or watch a demo with our team today. For additional information on our registration software and its features, reach out to our team.

How can this software help with class scheduling and managing class rosters?

Our performing arts software includes scheduling tools to create and manage class operations efficiently. It allows you to assign students to specific classes, monitor class capacities, and easily generate class rosters for instructors.

Does the software provide communication features for keeping parents, students, and staff informed?

Yes, Regpack includes communication features such as email notifications and automated payment reminders. This ensures that parents, students, and staff stay informed about class updates, payments, event information, and important deadlines.

Can you organize and manage performing arts venues and tickets with Regpack?

Regpack primarily focuses on class registration and management. While it doesn’t directly handle venues and ticketing, it streamlines registration and communication processes for performing arts organizations, helping them run their programs, events and attendees efficiently.