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Regpack has provided medical camp registration for Camp Promise since 2014 to help their staff manage registration for volunteers and the kids, teens, and adults who attend their camp each year.

Unlimited emails, dynamic reporting, and customizable forms are what help make managing their camp easy with Regpack.

Below is my interview with Shannon Healey, Registrar at Camp Promise.

“With Regpack, we are able to manage our data quickly and as we need it.”

Tell me a bit about your role at Camp Promise and more about your Camp!

I manage all volunteer and camper applications that come through. We are a summer camp for youth and young adults with muscular dystrophy and other select neuromuscular challenges.

We’re an entirely volunteer-based organization. So all of our volunteers apply using Regpack and then all of our campers apply with Regpack as well.

We serve about 35 campers in each of our 3 locations and then we have approximately 60-75 volunteers at each location as well.

You’ve been with Regpack for 4 years. What solution were you using before Regpack to manage registration?

Our camp is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

Before Regpack, we used paper, as many camps do. Our needs grew in wanting to move everything online and for consistency and better service. We then started looking for online solutions and chose Regpack.

What was it about Regpack that sold you?

The user interface for us and for our campers and volunteers is so clear, really easy and user-friendly.

It allows us to process applications quickly and easily.

You are using Regpack in a very awesome way! Your system has a lot of “View Only” Admins with set permissions, and on top of that, you have a multi step application. You also use Regpack both to register campers and volunteers. How does Regpack help you manage all of these moving pieces?

Camp Promise is considered a medical camp. We have a lot of additional paperwork that is required for volunteers and campers to upload to support them prior to coming to camp.

Minors attend camp as well as adults, so Regpack really allows us to customize the experience for applicants on either track.

We have certain forms and pathways for under 18 and over 18. However, we can look at all of our applicants in Regpack all in the same manner. They aren’t divided by age, so we can look at the full picture, and sort them by camp, which is important to us since we have 3 camps.

We can get a holistic view of our programs, and see where our holes are, where we need more staff, where we need additional medical support. So that’s been a great tool we’ve used with Regpack.

Also running reports, which is super helpful for us to get ready for camp.

We can know what our medical needs of our campers are, any allergies, what our volunteers need, so Regpack has just been really helpful.

Yes, I see you have over 50 reports in your system!

Yes! One of the things we noticed in other systems we looked at came with 15 canned reports or something like that. And that’s what you get, so if you want more reports, you have to go out and work with developers.

With Regpack, we are able to manage our data quickly and as we need it.

And that’s huge to have an ownership over things. We are constantly moving towards deadlines, so that’s been huge for us.

You also have a lot of email templates in your system. How are you using Regpack’s email management tools to manage your registration season?

Everything is integrated, which is huge. We can contact an entire camp of 150 people who are applying and get a message out really quickly and easily. It’s the same message, it’s consistent.

And also we can track those messages all in one space where we are managing applications instead of toggling between different applications or via Google mail.

Having it all integrated is super helpful, especially for our thin admin staff. Regpack makes it a lot easier for us.

How has going from paper to online helped save you time and help you manage your camp overall?

The ability to track an applicant, especially over different years and compare their information in a couple of minutes, is huge.

Not having to scan or retype that information into an online database so that we can run reports and access data is a huge timesaver.

You have a lot of “View Only” Admins that have specific permissions. How are you using this functionality and why does it work?

We interview all of our campers and volunteers. So “View Only” status provides a way for our admins to take a quick peek at the person they will talk to, access a little bit about them and then be able to conduct the interview in an informed way.

Otherwise, we would have to pull information from the database and give it to the person who is interviewing. So it’s just an easy way for them to see but not actually have editing capabilities. It preserves the data.

You use the status feature as well to move applicants along their process. You also connect triggered actions based on an applicant’s status. Can you explain more about this?

Status is one of the things I use most and is the most helpful to me.

It helps me push people along in our process and no one falls through the cracks or isn’t getting the TLC they need.

We then use the statuses to trigger forms.

So for example, if someone is waitlisted, we can send the email immediately once moved to their status. We use it for offer packets, as well.

Once someone is accepted to camp, they receive an offer packet that welcomes them and pushes them through the next steps of the process.

Being able to do this in bulk is huge. We can email 100 people instead of doing it individually, which is such a time saver.

Would you recommend Regpack for registration software? If so, why?

I would! We have thought about lots of different systems and what we need as we’re growing and enhancing our services to campers and volunteers.

I think some of the things that set Regpack apart are the user interface: it’s super clear, very easy to use and it’s also customizable.

We’ve been able to really manage our data mostly in the way we want to.

I think it’s a huge time saver for us in terms of being able to run reports whenever we want and make a report we want, instead of going through a developer and outsourcing it and waiting for them to be done.

We can make changes, Regpack is very responsive when we’ve needed assistance.

Having it all integrated is super helpful, especially for our thin admin staff.

We’ve included some important tasks all school programs should have, including:

  • Curriculum
  • Rosters
  • Student forms
  • Emergency contact information
  • Staff / Volunteer Selection
  • Multiple child sign-ups
  • Multiple payment methods

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Being able to do this in bulk is huge.

We can email 100 people instead of doing it individually, which is such a time saver.

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