Top 9 Automated Billing Software Solutions for Your Business

Top 9 Automated Billing Software for Your Business

Automated billing software is a vital tool for most businesses that offer their products and services online.

The convenience of such software solutions is simply too beneficial to ignore.

They can automate many time-wasting tasks, and reduce human errors that can happen to anyone.

However, there are also too many automated billing solutions to count on the market.

So, how to choose the right one for your needs? You can keep reading and learn more about the top software product that can help you streamline and automate your billing process.


Regpack is a complete online registration and payment management solution that simplifies billing your customers.

If you offer online payments, you most likely know how tedious it can be to chase the payments and keep the billing workflow going.

Luckily, Regpack streamlines that process by automating the payments from start to finish.

In short, Regpack offers a single cloud platform for all your customer registration, billing, payment processing, and other payment-related needs.

That includes creating as many automated billing plans as you want and customizing them by setting up various parameters.

Source: Regpack

That means you can set up payment options, dates, deadlines, and other crucial parameters for each customer.

Of course, it goes without saying that Regpack’s automated billing features will take care of sending invoices, reminding customers of payments, and all other payment-related tasks that you would otherwise have to do manually.

They can then access the user portal where they can, among other data, do the following:

  • Check the completed and the upcoming payments
  • View and download invoices
  • Check the due dates
  • Updated their payment information
  • Securely pay with their preferred payment method

For example, you can see below what the automated billing schedule looks like when the customers access it:

Source: Regpack

As you can notice, all the necessary information is clear and understandable, even for customers inexperienced in billing and financials in general.

Regpack’s pricing is also clear and straightforward. It costs $125 per admin per month with unlimited users, projects, reports, and other features.

Source: Regpack

Overall, if you need an automated billing software solution that can take care of your billing tasks, automate them, and free up valuable time for you and your team, Regpack is a serious contender.


BillingPlatform is a robust monetization platform that aims to cover every step of the billing cycle in one software solution.

To achieve that, BillingPlatform offers many features and services, as shown below.

Source: BillingPlatform

Among them is an automated billing system.

As the company states, its software provides built-in billing automation workflows, whether for handling complex contracts or only automating time-wasting but necessary tasks.

In short, BillingPlatform’s ambition is to provide automated billing workflow for the needs of every business, regardless of its size and needs, as well as most scenarios that can happen when payment is involved.

However, while it’s packed with features and users generally praise it for efficiency, BillingPlatform doesn’t have a clear pricing structure.

Therefore, you can’t be sure if the cost of the software is acceptable for your business until you contact the company’s representatives.

Source: G2

However, you can request a demo and test the software’s capabilities.

All in all, BillingPlatform is a comprehensive software solution for billing, which offers automated workflows for easier and faster billing, and it’s worth considering as a tool for your automated billing needs.


Many automated billing software solutions offer similar features, so it’s no wonder that Billsby tries to stand out with its features.

More precisely, Billsby wants to attract clients who want a software solution that is simple to set up and offers options to customize the billing process.

Regarding setting up, Billsby’s team claims that you can get started in less than two hours. In today’s world, where time is a precious commodity, that can be a powerful draw.

When it comes to customizing the billing process, Billsby provides numerous options for styling your invoices to reflect your brand.

Source: Billsby

Of course, being an automated billing software, Billsby also has features that ensure that your invoices are sent to your customers, update when they pay you, miss their deadline, etc.

All that and more is available in four pricing plans—Free, Core, Pro, and Custom.

Paid plans range from $45 a month for the Core plan to $135 a month for the Pro plan, while the Custom plan is tailored to your needs, as well, and so is its price.

Source: Billsby

Unfortunately, the Free plan is essentially only for those who want to see how the software works and looks.

In other words, you have unlimited time and users to test what you want and set up the software.

Then, if you’re satisfied with it, you can switch to one of the paid plans if you want to work with it.

Overall, Billsby is an interesting software solution with all the automated billing features you need while attempting to stand out from the competition at the same time.


Chargebee is a well-known billing software that provides users with multiple features to automate their billing systems.

With Chargebee, you can save time you would otherwise spend on creating invoices, pricing plans, offering coupons, retrying failed payments, and other required but often tedious tasks.

It goes without saying that a robust software solution like Chargebee offers various chances for automating the billing process from start to finish, but one of the features which can be especially useful is their Smart Dunning System.

Source: Chargebee

The Smart Dunning System helps you recover revenue when a customer’s credit card has expired, they don’t have enough funds for automatic payment, there are network problems, or any of dozens of possible reasons a scheduled payment might fail.

Chargebee’s solution lets you create a retry sequence that kicks into action when there is the most chance to recover revenue based on the analysis of past transaction data.

That’s only one example of Chargbee’s automated billing features, but they have their price.

There is a free Starter plan with some useful features; however, the cheapest paid plan comes at $599 a month, which puts Chargbee among the most expensive solutions on our list.

Source: Chargebee

On the other hand, if money isn’t an issue, you can get a reliable and feature-packed software solution for automated billing if you opt for Chargebee.


Invoiced is a billing software that focuses on transactions between businesses and provides them with solutions for automating the payment process.

It is built as a single hub for all payment-related business between vendors and customers, so it offers easy vendor onboarding, sending, processing, and approving invoices, as well as automating workflows for a more streamlined billing process.

You can see Invoiced’s detailed dashboard below.

Source: Invoiced

As we’ve mentioned, you can do a wide range of activities with Invoiced when it comes to billing, and automation makes a part of them much easier.

For instance, you can set up a Smart Chasing feature so that software automatically follows up with your customers on their unpaid bills, whether by email, phone call, text message, or even letter.

Smart Chasing is also highly customizable, allowing you to set up when and how often you’ll remind your customers of payments.

Automation in Invoiced works both ways. For example, customers have access to customer portals, where they can set up Auto Pay, which makes their lives easier.

All of the automation options are available only in two more costly pricing plans.

The plan for small businesses is only $39 a month, but it offers only sending invoices and receiving payments.

Source: Invoiced

Therefore, if you want to experience Invoiced’s automated billing features, you’ll need to sign up for one of the other two plans, which have a custom price and a much longer list of features.


If you are looking for a software solution that offers a broader range of features and services beyond only billing, Scoro can be an intriguing option.

That’s because Scoro positions itself as a work management platform and not only an automated billing software.

However, the ability of Scoro’s software to simplify the payment process and automate parts of it is a significant part of the whole work management system it provides.

For example, with Scoro, you can schedule invoices and payment reminders, automatically track actual and billable time and transfer the numbers into invoices, examine automated reports on your finances, etc.

Source: Scoro

Being a work management platform, Scoro has dozens of features regarding dealing with work processes, collaboration, finances, reporting, etc.

Therefore, it’s not specialized software for automated billing. That means you’ll get many features in any of their plans, whether you need them or not.

Source: Scoro

As you can see, the prices range from $28 per user per month for the Essential plan to $71 per user per month for the Pro plan.

If you consider the minimum of five users in every plan, even the most affordable plan will cost you at least $140 a month, and it doesn’t include all the valuable features for automation that the pricier plans do.

Overall, if you need software for managing your entire business or a team, including automating your billing, and the cost is not a concern, Scoro can be an interesting solution.


Square can be a great solution for your automated billing needs for several reasons. Let’s see what Square is all about.

This is a comprehensive payment processing solution, whether you take in-person or online payments.

Although it has many features for in-person billing, like mobile card readers and hardware such as a POS terminal, we’ll focus on Square’s online payment features.

And it’s a strong solution in that department, too.

It can speed up your payment process and automate billing with custom invoice templates, automatically converting estimates to invoices, creating payment schedules, setting up recurring invoices, etc.

Source: Square

The main advantage of Square over other similar software solutions is its pricing structure.

There are only two plans, Free and Plus. As the name suggests, the former is free, and the latter is $20 a month, regardless of the number of users.

Source: Square

It should be noted that there are processing fees in addition to that price.

For example, in the Free plan, you’ll need to add 3.3% plus 30¢ per invoice paid online, while in the Plus plan, a little less—2.9% plus 30¢.

The low monthly fee combined with processing rates makes Square a popular option for small businesses that don’t have a steady revenue stream every month because they pay very little for using the software and add more according to the number of transactions made.

If you have a business like that, Square can be a helpful and affordable solution for managing your billing.

Stax Bill

Stax Bill is a robust software solution that can automate many repetitive payment-related tasks and simplify your billing process.

It has all the automated billing features you expect from a software product like this.

For example, you can automate invoice sending and free up the time you would spend manually sending them to every client.

If you have a significant amount of recurring revenue, Stax Bill offers a useful feature of revenue recognition compliant with the ASC 606 industry standard.

That includes automating the renewal of your customers’ subscriptions and the recurring revenue you get from them.

Source: Stax Bill

As you can most likely tell by now, Stax Bill is best suited for businesses with many customers, recurring revenue, and subscriptions to take care of.

All of that can be automated, saving a lot of time for you and your team in the long run.

The price of Stax Bill plans is on the higher side compared to its competitors. For example, the most affordable is the Starter pack, which costs $199 a month.

Source: Stax Bill

On the other hand, Stax Bill offers flat pricing, meaning there are no fees if you surpass a certain monthly recurring revenue limit, which is the practice of several automated billing software platforms in the market.


Although Zuora is a monetization platform for a wide range of businesses, its automated billing features make it very helpful for subscription-based business models.

Zuora’s team claims that their platform is an all-in-one solution that makes other software and hardware infrastructure for billing obsolete.

More specifically, Zuora can be very useful if you have a subscription-based model because it offers automation of all the tasks that come up when dealing with subscriptions, namely renewals, handling customer data, billing, etc.

Source: Zuora

In addition to automation, Zuora provides enough flexibility if any conditions change, including customer data, market situation, products you offer, etc.

There are also many features regarding analytics and insights into your financial situation so you can get a complete picture of your billing process at any time.

However, if you are interested in any of that and wondering how much it costs to have access to Zuora, you’ll need to contact the company because there is no pricing information available on its website.

In addition to that, some users warn that the platform is robust, so the learning curve might be steep, so it’s wise to consider that when deciding whether to go with Zuora.


As your business grows, you’ll have more and more need for automated billing software.

The amount of time required to manually check every customer and their payments, send them reminders, create invoices from scratch, and do dozens of other seemingly small but time-consuming tasks will soon be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of today’s technology and set up automated billing software that can take all that work out of your hands.

We hope this article sheds light on the right solution for your needs.

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