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5 Time Saving Camp Registration Solutions

We hear from camps all the time that one of their biggest frustrations is spending way too much time fielding emails and calls from parents about which forms they need to complete and how much money they owe.

While this can be frustrating and certainly time consuming, there is a solution! An online camp registration software is the answer, but which one and what features should it include? If you already know what you need, you should still read this post, but also check out our helpful camp registration solutions chart to compare the most popular camp management software on the market today.

Check out our guide below to building and/or finding an intelligent registration process. By employing one or all of our suggestions, you’re already on your way to a better registration system that will help improve your conversions and your bottom line.

Camp Registration Solutions: Tip #1 Get Online!

An online registration software is key to building and maintaining a successful application. Having your summer camp application online allows you to utilize the best technology has to offer to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your registration process.

Using a camp data management software allows you to customize the experience for every parent. Since many campers might come for one or all sessions, an online application allows a seamless way to charge appropriately and makes reporting for every session easier than ever!


Camp Registration Solutions: Tip #2 Hire a professional.

Don’t underestimate the importance of either your own programmer or an outside company in building a quality and functioning system. Be sure to explain all the conditions throughout your application that would trigger different paths for different applicants.

Programmers need precise criteria in order to achieve this. If your system fails or doesn’t work properly, it not only looks unprofessional but makes your camp as a whole look a bit outdated technologically and sloppy. Parents might think, if they can’t get this together, what else can’t they get together?


Camp Registration Solutions: Tip #3 Individualize the Process

The key to having an ‘intelligent’ camp registration software is individualizing the application.

An individualized camp registration software and camp management software is a system that can guide each individual parent through the application and provide him or her with only the forms and information pertinent to them and their children. An intelligent system will know what the parent needs to complete and what he doesn’t.

By doing this, it provides the correct forms and payment balances based on his status. This kind of intelligence eliminates the confusion created by a “one-size-fits-all application”.


Camp Registration Solutions: Tip #4 Dashboard and Functionality

A dashboard as the main page of your camp application can show campers a lot of personalized information in a clear and concise way, which keeps everyone task and clued in to what you need from them personally. Some great features of a dashboard include:

Some great features of a dashboard include:

  • A progress bar
  • Check marks next to the completed sections with links to return for review
  • Dates and important deadlines relevant to that specific camper
  • Social media features

Keep in mind functionality with your camp application as well. Auto-filling sections with previously entered information saves time and makes parents feel like they are being helped along throughout the process by you! If you have campers returning from previous sessions, show parents their “completed” application from previous years and then give them a chance to review and make edits as necessary. What took them an hour last year can take minutes this year, which is something they will appreciate!

If you have campers returning from previous sessions, show parents their “completed” application from previous years and then give them a chance to review and make edits as necessary. What took them an hour last year can take minutes this year, which is something they will appreciate!


Camp Registration Solutions: Tip #5 Presentation and Style

Remember that presentation and functionality are also key aspects of your dashboard and online registration process as a whole. Your online camp application should reflect the style of your website, marketing materials, and overall camp vibe.

When a parent clicks from your website to your application or goes directly to your application from an email link, they should feel comfortable and familiar with your style and brand that you’ve worked hard to create.


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