9 Best Online Payment Software in 2023

9 Best Online Payment Software in 2023

According to Nasdaq, the future of payments indicates a significant shift towards online transactions, with a projected 95% of all payments being made online by 2040.

This emphasizes the critical need for online payment software within your organization.

Since there are many online payment software providers on the market, and it is reasonably easy to get lost among them, we have taken the initiative to compile a list of the top nine options for 2023.

This article will provide an overview of each tool and explore its features, limitations, and pricing to assist you in selecting the most suitable online payment software for your needs.

So, let’s get started!


At the top of our list is Regpack, our user-friendly online payment software designed to simplify your payment collection process.

Regpack’s versatility is what sets it apart.

Whether you’re accepting payments for camp registrations, event sign-ups, or selling goods online, Regpack provides the flexibility you need.

Regpack accepts various payment methods, including credit and debit cards and ACH payments. Also, your customers can pay using any device, making it more convenient.

Source: Regpack

Moreover, this tool allows you to build custom payment forms, which is a feature that only a handful of payment software providers offer.

It also makes it possible for you to accept payments directly on your website.

There is no need to redirect your customers to a third-party website, thereby ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for them.

Another feature that Regpack users love is the option to offer monthly plans with recurring billing. This feature caters to businesses that offer subscriptions or payments in more tranches.

Plus, the email automation feature takes your payment management to a whole new efficiency level.

For example, you can easily set up triggered emails that will automatically notify your customers when they need to make payments.

Source: Regpack

Regpack also offers comprehensive payment reporting, allowing you to include additional form data for accurate accounting.

Managing discounts and refunds is a breeze, too, making your financial processes much smoother.

Pricing-wise, Regpack offers unlimited features starting at $125 per month, per admin, with a 2.1% payment processing fee.

In summary, Regpack is a comprehensive online payment software with a user-friendly interface, impressive features, and seamless website integration.

This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes.



Next on our list is Adyen, an all-in-one online payment software from the Netherlands.

With its ability to accept payments across various channels and support multiple global payment methods and currencies, Adyen is a popular choice for international businesses.

Source: Adyen

Adyen, like Regpack, offers monthly recurring payments, making it a favored option for companies like Spotify that rely on billing customers regularly.

Adyen’s strength lies in its robust infrastructure and advanced technology, including machine-learning tools for fraud detection and revenue optimization.

While many older reviews mentioned concerns about the effectiveness of their fraud control tools, Adyen has made significant improvements in this area.

Another benefit of this tool is the availability of 24/7 phone support and an online knowledge base that ensure users receive timely assistance.

However, it’s essential to consider that Adyen requires a minimum monthly invoice, which is a drawback for businesses that process a low volume of transactions.

Additionally, some users have noted that the reporting tools could benefit from further development and personalization options.

Source: Adyen

Adyen’s pricing is transparent, yet complex.

They do not charge monthly, setup, integration, or closure fees. Instead, they employ a fixed processing fee per transaction (€0.11) along with fees specific to the chosen payment method, some of which you can see in the screenshot above.

Overall, Adyen is a favored choice for comprehensive online payment solutions, though businesses with a lower volume of transactions may want to explore other options.


If you’re seeking reliable and well-established online payment software, you shouldn’t overlook Authorize.net.

With nearly thirty years on the market, this subsidiary of Visa Inc. has stood the test of time.

Users praise Authorize.net for its dependability and 24/7 customer support. It offers various payment options, including mobile payments and electronic check payments.

Source: Authorize.net

Authorize.net has standard features like data fraud protection and recurring payments.

Among these standard features, their most powerful feature is the Customer Information Manager (CIM), which securely stores sensitive customer data like billing and shipping addresses and payment information.

Some areas where Authorize.net has received criticism are the time it takes to deposit funds and its outdated user interface.

The pricing structure has also drawn some negative feedback for being complex and lacking transparency, according to Capterra reviews.

Source: Authorize.net

Authorize.net can be used as an all-in-one solution—with a merchant account and a payment gateway—or a standalone payment gateway option, and pricing depends on that.

The all-in-one option costs 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction fee and a monthly fee of $25.

Alternatively, the standalone payment gateway option is available at 10 cents per transaction, 10 cents daily batch fee, along with a $25 monthly fee.

Electronic checks are billed separately at 0.75% per transaction.

Overall, Authorize.net is a secure payment software suitable for businesses of any size. However, they lack a modern user interface.


EBizCharge, the fourth online payment software on our list, is backed by Century Business Solutions.

It enables payment with major credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks, allowing transactions through a virtual terminal accessible on any web browser and device.

Their clients appreciate the seamless integrations into accounting, eCommerce, CRM, and other platforms, allowing them to add the module to their existing systems for convenient payment acceptance.

Source: G2

Moreover, their Customer Payment Portal, which you can see above, lets customers view and pay invoices conveniently, while the email pay feature provides payment links directly in customers’ emails.

One drawback is that Canadian merchant accounts may require multi-year contracts, causing dissatisfaction among some users.

Customization options are also limited, as acknowledged by EBizCharge in their response below.

Source: G2

In terms of pricing, there are no setup or training fees.

EBizCharge charges a customized fee based on the card type, but specific details are not available on their website, thus requiring direct contact for further information.

To conclude, EBizCharge offers a comprehensive online payment solution with smooth integration capabilities.

However, contract requirements and customization limitations must be considered when deciding on this tool.


GoCardless is an online payment software that enables businesses to collect payments in over 30 countries, supporting transactions in multiple currencies.

This tool primarily specializes in automated recurring payments, making it a great choice for subscription-based services and membership payments.

Source: GoCardless

With its wide range of integrations available for over 350 software, GoCardless allows businesses to integrate payments into the software they use for other purposes.

One of GoCardless’ most powerful features is its ability to recover an average of 70% of failed payments, thus ensuring smooth transactions even when issues such as expired or stolen cards arise.

However, several reviewers on Trustpilot have complained about the length of the verification process, stating it is time-consuming and occasionally results in unexplained rejections.

Source: GoCardless

Pricing options include standard, advanced, and pro plans, each with its own fee structure based on a percentage per transaction and a fixed fee, which you can see in the image above.

While GoCardless remains a reliable solution for businesses seeking recurring automated payments, it’s worth noting that for their best features—fraud prevention and intelligent retries for reducing failed payments—you have to go with advanced and pro plans.


One of the most commonly used payment processing platforms, PayPal, has also found a spot on our list of the best online payment solutions.

PayPal supports various payment methods in over 200 countries and 25 currencies.

There is a big possibility that many of your customers already have PayPal accounts and can make payments with ease.

Source: PayPal

What further simplifies paying is the tool’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with websites and shopping carts.

When it comes to the functionalities PayPal provides, users appreciate features like subscription payments, invoicing, and fraud prevention.

On the other hand, some of PayPal’s disadvantages include limitations for high-risk businesses, as they have strict standards and preapproval requirements for accepting payments for certain items.

Withheld funds and frozen accounts can be an issue, too. PayPal’s strict terms of use aim to ensure user safety, but can sometimes result in wrongful withholding or account termination.

Source: G2

Finally, their quality of customer service seems to be pretty inconsistent, according to user reviews.

When it comes to pricing, PayPal comes with transaction fees ranging from 2.29% to 3.49% and additional charges per transaction.

While PayPal’s popularity is a significant advantage, it’s important to consider the reviews and limitations before deciding if it suits your business needs.


PaySimple is another feature-rich payment platform that caters to various payment needs.

It offers invoicing, accounting integration, point-of-sale solutions, customer relationship management, and reporting capabilities.

Notably, PaySimple excels in managing recurring billing, streamlining the process, and reducing manual efforts.

Source: PaySimple

Much like getting started with Regpack, starting with PaySimple requires the creation of a

merchant account.

However, it’s important to note that PaySimple’s setup typically takes up to two weeks, which is longer than Regpack’s one to five business days.

Customizable payment forms are available, too, allowing you to tailor the payment experience to match your specific requirements and branding.

PaySimple boasts seamless integration with QuickBooks, providing real-time synchronization of payment data, thereby ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial information.

However, it’s worth mentioning that PaySimple accounts are exclusively available to US-based merchants, and transactions must be conducted in USD.

Furthermore, while PaySimple advertises the lowest possible rates on qualified transactions, many transactions may not qualify, resulting in unexpected costs.

Source: PaySimple

Monthly fees can accumulate, making PaySimple potentially more expensive than initially anticipated.

This payment software operates on a flexible month-to-month basis without cancellation fees.

It offers an all-inclusive monthly cost of $79.95, but pricing may vary depending on the type of card used.

There are additional fees, like a $4.95 monthly PCI program fee granting access to the PCI tool and a $79.95 monthly PCI non-compliance fee.

In conclusion, PaySimple provides a range of useful payment features.

Still, it’s essential to consider its limitations, potential costs, and fee structure to see if it’s a good choice for your business.


Square is a user-friendly payment processing platform that offers a range of services for both in-person and online transactions.

Along with its well-known software and point-of-sale hardware, Square provides seamless integration for online payments on websites and mobile apps.

Source: Square

It supports all major cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, at a consistent rate. Additionally, Square accommodates cash, checks, and Square gift cards.

This tool offers several valuable features, such as integration with popular eCommerce platforms, robust data protection through end-to-end encryption, and comprehensive sales reporting.

It also enables creating and delivering digital invoices, allowing customers to easily pay using their cards or ACH transfers. Payment links can also be shared via text or email.

Although Square has notable benefits, it’s important to consider its limitations, too.

Account freezes can occur due to irregular activity, and it may not be the most cost-effective choice for larger businesses with high transaction volumes.

Moreover, Square has limited international capabilities and lacks the customization options found in other platforms like Stripe and Regpack.

Source: Square

Regarding fees, Square employs a two-part structure consisting of a set amount and a percentage.

For online payments, the fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents.

While Square offers custom rates for businesses processing over $250,000 per year, larger enterprises may find alternative payment software more convenient.

For small businesses that are not dependent on global transactions, Square is a great option.


The last on our list of top nine online payment software is Stripe.

This versatile tool supports a wide range of payment options, including over 135 currencies and popular international methods.

Its highly customizable checkout and robust data reporting capabilities make it a standout choice for businesses looking to tailor their payment processes to their specific needs.

Stripe offers an additional service called Stripe Billing, which simplifies the management of recurring invoices and subscriptions.

This makes it easier for businesses to efficiently handle ongoing payments.

Source: Stripe

However, Stripe has faced criticism in a couple of areas.

Its complexity and reliance on developers may require businesses to onboard a more tech-savvy team member.

And similar to PayPal, some users have experienced issues with account holds and terminations.

Regarding pricing, Stripe maintains transparency by readily providing their fees on their website.

While monthly charges depend on the selected plans and features, the payment structure generally involves flat-rate fees per transaction.

For online transactions, the typical cost is 2.9% plus 30 cents. International payments are charged an additional 1.5% fee plus a 1% fee for currency conversion.

To summarize, Stripe offers notable advantages such as customization options and competitive flat-rate fees.

However, it may not be ideal for high-risk merchants, and you should consider challenges with account terminations.


This article presented our top nine picks for the best online payment software in 2023. We thoroughly discussed each software’s features, advantages, limitations, and pricing.

While all of the mentioned software options offer some great features for online payments, choosing the best software for your business will ultimately depend on factors such as your business type, the specific features you prioritize, and your customers’ needs.

We hope this article will help you select the most suitable online payment software for your organization.

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