How to Choose the Right Online Registration Software

How to Choose the Right Online Registration Software

Are you searching for reliable online registration software to streamline your business operations but finding it challenging to choose the right one?

You have come to the right place.

Whether you’re organizing summer camp registrations, event sign-ups, or after-school activities and workshops, having online registration software is essential.

Mainly because 90% of applicants prefer online registrations, and you have to give them what they want.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps necessary to ensure the suitability of the software for your needs.

Additionally, we will explore the key features that registration software should have to optimize your online registration process.

So, let’s dive in and begin with the fundamental step of identifying your business requirements.

Determine What Your Business Needs Are

To discover the ideal online registration software that fulfills your business requirements, it is crucial to first determine precisely what those needs are.

Consider whether a simple solution that assists your admin in recording registrants will suffice or if you require a comprehensive system with embedded registration forms, integrated payment solutions, and robust data reporting.

By selecting a solution with only the features you actually need, you can optimize your investment and avoid paying for extra functionalities you may never use.

However, reliable registration software should be able to offer you some key capabilities:

Source: Regpack

So, how can you streamline the selection process?

Start by creating a checklist that will address the following essential questions:

Source: Regpack

In addition, consider the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, registrants, and IT personnel—they will know exactly what they need from the software.

Based on this information, compile a list of requirements and prioritize them as you embark on your search for online registration software.

In summary, taking a systematic approach, understanding your business needs, and aligning with stakeholder expectations are vital first steps in choosing the right software solution.

Look For Embeddable Registration Forms

An essential feature to look for in online registration software is the ability to incorporate embeddable registration forms.

These forms enable you to facilitate registrations directly on your website, eliminating the need to redirect customers to a third-party platform.

This feature holds significant importance since many potential registrants are deterred by being redirected or, worse, forced to make payments on an external site.

To mitigate this risk for your business, investing in software that allows seamless embedding of registration forms on your website is crucial.

Regpack, our online registration software, falls under this category, offering straightforward integration with just a short line of HTML code.

Source: Regpack

Additionally, with Regpack’s form builder feature, you can create customized registration forms that will only ask questions relevant to your registrants.

And not only that but, because of customization, the registration forms will blend seamlessly with your website’s aesthetics, instilling a sense of security in your registrants.

By incorporating these features, you can enhance the user experience and minimize registration abandonment, resulting in improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Find a Solution With Integrated Payments

As we have mentioned above, redirecting customers to third-party websites can pose risks and concerns, especially in the realm of online transactions.

Statistics reveal that a significant 39% of users abandon websites that require sharing personal details with a third party.

Additionally, 54% of consumers admit they would leave a site if they didn’t feel confident in the security of the payment process.

Illustration: Regpack / Data: mollie

These numbers underscore the critical need for a seamless and secure online payment experience within your registration process.

You can meet this need with an integrated payments feature that allows you to accept registrants’ payments directly on your website.

This is where Regpack, our online registration software, comes in handy yet again by allowing such payments.

Regpack provides a secure and seamless payment experience for your registrants on your website and offers them flexibility when it comes to payment methods and currencies.

Source: Regpack

This is crucial for consumers, as The European Ecommerce Report indicates that nearly half of them will abandon a website if their preferred payment method is unavailable.

With Regpack, you can accept various forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments, and do so in multiple currencies.

In conclusion, the integrated payments feature is another crucial element of reliable online registration software you should pay attention to when choosing the right one for your business.

Consider Collecting Electronic Signatures

When it comes to online registration software, you should consider one with the ability to collect electronic signatures.

E-signatures hold the same validity as traditional handwritten signatures and offer two significant benefits that can revolutionize your registration process.

Firstly, they provide a safe and secure method of capturing agreements.

Once registrants digitally sign a form using the e-signature widget, the system captures the date, time, IP address, and browser information, ensuring the digital signing process is legally binding and secure.

Source: Regpack

Secondly, e-signatures are fast and convenient. They eliminate the need for printing, physical signatures, scanning, and mailing documents.

In fact, organizations that have integrated e-signature solutions into their processes have reported an astounding 80% reduction in turnaround time.

To conclude, for anyone familiar with managing registrations, the number of documents requiring signatures can be overwhelming, from disclaimers and terms and conditions to liability waivers and photo permissions.

That’s why selecting online registration software with an e-signature widget can save you valuable time and make your life and those of your registrants much easier.

Check That the Software Is Mobile-Friendly

Ensuring that your online registration software is mobile-friendly is crucial in today’s digital landscape.

According to Statista, 58.33% of website traffic originates from mobile devices.

Considering this information, it is essential to cater to applicants who prefer registering through smartphones or tablets.

Google further emphasizes this point by highlighting that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site that they had difficulties opening on their mobile devices.

Additionally, 40% of users end up visiting a competitor’s website instead.

Source: Statista

To avoid losing potential applicants and maintain a seamless registration experience, make sure to choose registration software that is mobile-friendly.

Look for a solution that offers a custom online form builder capable of creating mobile-responsive registration and payment forms.

This will ensure that users can easily register from their phones or tablets, even if your website is not mobile-friendly.

By providing a smooth and hassle-free mobile experience, you can maximize registration rates and prevent potential applicants from seeking alternatives.

Ensure the Registration Software Is Secure

When it comes to the online registration process, prioritizing the security of your registrants’ data is of utmost importance.

And it’s not just a matter of responsibility but also a crucial step in protecting your organization and its finances.

Data breaches have proven costly, with businesses facing an average expense of $4.35 million in 2022.

To safeguard both your registrants and your business, it is essential to select secure registration software.

Illustration: Regpack / Data: IBM

First and foremost, the software should be protected by a physical firewall configured on an “is allowed” basis, ensuring that access is denied unless explicitly approved.

This will prevent any unauthorized access to your system and data.

Additionally, your chosen software should have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which establishes an encrypted connection between the server and the client, safeguarding data transmission.

To enhance security further, look for software that implements a distributed database system.

This means that different pieces of information are stored in separate databases, providing an additional layer of protection beyond what SSL encryption offers.

In a nutshell, prioritizing the security of your registrants’ data will demonstrate your commitment to protecting their privacy and safeguard your organization from potential financial risks of data breaches.

Know the Need for Reporting and Analytics

As someone handling registrations, you understand the importance of efficiently generating reports from the wealth of registrant data you receive.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and potentially miss out on critical insights.

However, with reliable registration software, transforming your data into valuable reports will become a breeze.

The ideal software should, therefore, empower you to create customized reports tailored to your needs.

Source: Regpack

Whether it’s registration and check-in reports, attendee tracking, or sales and payment reports, the software should provide the ability to extract the precise information you require.

Need a list of registrants who are yet to complete their payment? A few clicks should deliver that information.

Want a breakdown of male and female registrants for a particular event? A report should provide precise analysis and even create a graph!

Furthermore, you should be able to visualize reports, export them quickly, and share them with other departments within your organization.

This will enable you and your team to make informed decisions based on the latest data, and it is more time efficient than copying and pasting information to and from Excel spreadsheets, for example.

So, pay attention to this vital feature when choosing online registration software.

Look Into the Quality of Customer Support

When it comes to using online registration software, not everyone is a tech expert.

While setting up the software may not be too challenging, issues can arise later, even with the best technology in place.

That’s why being able to seek help from a reliable customer support team is crucial.

To ensure you receive the assistance you need, it’s important to research how the registration software vendors provide customer support.

Look for vendors that offer various support channels such as email, live chat, and phone, as well as a comprehensive help center with detailed explanations and instructional videos.

Source: Regpack

Different members of your staff may prefer different support options, whether it’s reaching out directly for assistance or utilizing self-help resources like video tutorials.

Having both options available will ensure that everyone can receive the support they need.

Ideally, you should seek a system that offers setup and onboarding support with a dedicated project manager, comprehensive training from a knowledgeable team, and ongoing assistance through all the mentioned support methods.

By choosing a software provider that prioritizes customer support, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is readily available whenever you encounter any challenges or have questions along the way.

Compare Different Registration Software

Once you have identified the key features you want in your online registration software, you should compare different software options to determine their advantages and disadvantages.

One approach is to reach out to competitors you have a cordial relationship with, as they may be using similar features and can provide valuable insights into the software they use.

Additionally, you can leverage review sites like Capterra and G2 to compare multiple registration software side-by-side.

These platforms offer in-depth comparisons of features, pricing, support, pros and cons, and, most importantly, genuine reviews from other businesses using the software.

For example, Capterra will even allow you to set your requirements when comparing the features of two different software, all to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Source: Capterra

In summary, combining insights from competitors and customer reviews on review sites will give you a comprehensive understanding of each software’s strengths and weaknesses.

This will enable you to make the best choice for your organization when it comes to selecting online registration software.

Evaluate How User-Friendly the Solution Is

Before finalizing your decision, it’s essential to evaluate the user-friendliness of the registration software you’re considering.

A user-friendly software will ensure that your employees and registrants can navigate it effortlessly, leading to a more effective registration process.

After all, what good is a software solution if it doesn’t facilitate efficient registration, or if the system fails constantly?

Technical glitches and complex interfaces can lead to frustration and demotivation among your staff and registrants, and that is something you definitely want to avoid.

To gauge the software’s user-friendliness, there’s no better way to do it than by experiencing it firsthand.

Source: Regpack

So, take advantage of demo versions or free trials offered by the software providers. By immersing yourself in the software, you can assess its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Additionally, involve your employees who will be using the software extensively.

Their feedback and insights are invaluable in determining whether the software truly aligns with your organization’s needs and user expectations.

And remember, a seamless and user-friendly registration process will enhance the overall experience for both your team and your applicants, thus boosting efficiency and engagement.


As we saw throughout this article, selecting the right online registration software requires careful consideration.

Let’s recap.

You must determine your business’ needs, identify key features, and compare options to find the best fit.

On top of that, read reviews, try demos, and prioritize features like embedded forms, integrated payments, data security, mobile-friendliness, and user-friendly interfaces.

All these will put you on the right path to finding the most suitable solution for your business.

Good luck!

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